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Hoodie Design Software Helps Apparel Companies To

The pandemic continues to create uncertainty through new variants and multiple waves, thus, disrupting the global supply chain of fashion retailers over the last few years. Fashion retailers must now shift focus and bring permanent changes to their supply chain strategies to build resilience, avoid inventory pile-up, and streamline operations. And to help fashion companies attain their target is custom-made hoodies, a customization solution allowing your buyers to design their garments through digital features. These solutions enable apparel brands and retailers to streamline their supply chain and efficiently manufacture, market, and distribute their collections.

Hoodie Design Software Offers Solutions to Fashion Companies to Rebuild their Brand Value

For the past two years, people have witnessed prolonged lockdowns and mobility restrictions at various times around the world, which led to a halt of production and sales activity of discretionary products, such as apparel. Several fashion retailers and brands were forced to cease operations and were left with the enormous unliquidated inventory. This sudden disruption exposed the cracks in the global supply chain, which were built by prioritizing the cost model. Many pre-pandemic apparel companies were more focused on profitability, for which they heavily relied on the low-cost Asian countries for outsourcing their manufacturing. However, these countries were severely affected by COVID-19 during the first wave, forcing some factories to close or to operate at lower capacity due to staff sickness and social distancing measures, while international borders were closed for trade with these markets resulting in supply shortages. This production model focused solely/mostly on cost advantages and was heavily penalized due to its low adaptive attribute during the pandemic. However, as the market resumes its original operating ways, apparel brands and retailers once again have a golden opportunity to redeem their lost momentum and rebuild their brand value. This doesn't mean that the fashion sector won't witness any challenges in the future, but the industry will most certainly have simpler and straightforward solutions to grapple with the speed breakers. We shall explore more factors that reshape the fashion retail sector and help apparel gain hold of the lost ground.

Below are the key points and trends that clothing companies should focus more to boost their sales:

1. The Rising Use of Metaverse

As ecommerce is booming, many fashion brands are constantly experimenting with what new services they should offer to their buyers and help them hold on to their customers. This led to the conception of the metaverse; it is a fully-realized digital world that exists beyond the one in which we live. Many leading brands, including Ralph Lauren, have collaborated with the global gaming platform Roblox to bet that people will buy virtual outfits to dress up their avatars just like they buy for themselves in real life. In fact, millions of gamers, such as lerino, purchases accessories, apparel, and skincare items through digital avatars. Ralph Lauren, too has attributed some of its strong third-quarter earnings to these virtual investments and the younger generation of shoppers it has attracted. The overall gaming market was valued at $173 billion in 2021.

On similar grounds, fashion retailer Boohoo teamed up with Paris Hilton to advertise the brand at the star's virtual fashion week, its first foray into the metaverse. The event was held at Paris Hilton's Paris World, where the retailers secured a number of billboards dotted throughout, each made in collaboration with out-of-home media marketplace MilkMoney. However, entering into a new domain may seem overwhelming to some brands; therefore, to test the waters, they can install a customization solution, such as hoodie design online, that helps brands and customers play on similar ground as the metaverse. The custom-made solution enables clothing brands to let their customers design their hoodies using 3d technology and get a 360-degree preview before they head for the final payment option. Thus, ensuring a seamless and top-notch customer experience while shopping from the comfort of their homes.

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