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In the digital world, where information is always available on the tip of the finger, it is easier to spread misinformation, and sometimes unknowingly or unintentionally, fashion and luxury brands can get trapped into questionable promotion tactics and a surfeit of sponsored posts. These virtual activities lead to excessive complaints from customers can bring down the brand value for a label. Excessive promotion of a particular product or service can leave a bad impression on your customers, and they might not come back to your social media page or might even unfollow it. You surely wouldn't want to lose your customers on silly mistakes; hence, here is a customization solution, such as product customization, that speaks volumes of what brands want to offer to their buyers. The tool enables your customers to design their apparel, footwear, bags, ornaments, caps, and more products through 3d technology. This novel technology can help brands get closer to their customers and collaborate with them in real-time, even when their users sit at home and sip coffee.

Product Customization Tool Enables Fashion Companies to Sell Products Through Customers

Marketing is a crucial part of any business. Any bad spot or name brought to it can cost too much for the companies to bear. Earlier digital marketing was generally restricted to T.V. advertisements; however, as the technology advances and the internet is more accessible for customers, it is a lot easier for brands to connect and promote their collections to buyers. With social media coming into the picture, this trend of excessive promotion accelerated and after a time, it became a headache for customers. However, a glimmer of a solution is emerging for customers, and many brands are leaving no stone unturned to re-instill customer trust by upskilling their influencer partners, ensuring they are more informed and better ambassadors for their products. Some beauty brands have partnered with the British Beauty Council on a skincare education programme that is designed for the brands' social influencers and their content. The UK-based invitation-only programme consists of six modules, delivered both online and in-person, created by ed-tech firm Learning with Experts and backed by beauty experts and dermatologists, including beauty expert Alison Young, journalist Alice Hart-Davis, skincare expert Dija Ayodele and dermatologist, and content creator Dr Aamna Adel.

This new trend indicates that there is a scope for implementing content marketing which has been creating a lot of buzz within the marketing world. It is gaining significance for all walks of luxury fashion, and many labels compete to gain new consumers in a global market through this strategy. In the past, luxury fashion houses have been hyper-focused on their key customer, which has been a small section in the larger market. But today, in order to be relevant, they must also be part of the larger cultural conversation. Sometimes back, luxury brands only focused on photos with high production values that could be shared on T.V. or in a magazine. For luxury brands, the chief value of content marketing lies in its ability to reel in, persuade and evangelize the most discerning audience in the language and elevated aesthetic that is particular to luxury. These themes are significant and need to be considered within a larger context, wherein several people can be engaged in content marketing even if they don't purchase anything from the brand. There are chances that they will someday purchase a product from the label, given that brands continue to engage with them regularly. It requires brands to constantly produce and deploy content, which is costly and often without a truly direct return on investment. Likewise, the 3D product customizer enables fashion houses to promote their collection lines through customers by letting them design their fashion products across a wide range of apparel, footwear, headgear, jewelry, backpack, belt, mug, and many others.

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