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T-Shirt Design Software Helps Apparel Companies to

The fashion industry has wholeheartedly embraced technological advancements, and as a result, buyers are now more comfortable with online shopping trends. After witnessing growth in eCommerce, brands want to explore and experiment in other domains to capture lucrative opportunities there. Social commerce is thus emerging as a new marketplace that can enhance the customer shopping experience and drive sales. Our custom t-shirt design tool offers a similar set of business solutions to brands and allows them to offer a top-notch customer experience with the help of its customization features. And since people love to wear that speaks volumes of their personality and fashion sense while also helping them voice their opinions and support their cause, our customized solutions can help brands boost their online presence and promote their brand value.

T-Shirt Design Software Aids Clothing Brands to Provide Exception Shopping Services

With online shopping becoming a new traction point for fashion brands, many experts and studies, such as McKinsey, have found that in the coming days, footfall at the physical stores is expected to reduce by the next decade while some customers might choose to shop online-only for good. In the future, eCommerce and social commerce will contribute to more online purchases and plummet fewer consumers in stores. As brands and retailers lose their engaging and emotional touchpoints, buyers seek these lost connections through online shopping, where technology helps them reconnect with brands. However, attracting customers through social media is a lot tougher task than it seems. Brands need to work in tandem as it is challenging to replace the brick-and-mortar stores because at the heart of it is personal emotional, and customer experience. Fashion companies should hire chief digital officers who can oversee the integration of social media strategies and eCommerce platforms. Blending these two approaches can help apparel manufacturers and sellers to learn from each other. Social commerce is an engagement-first channel, and eCommerce is a sales-first channel, and brands must balance this out. Additionally, the success of their strategy can only be measured if brands move away from measuring immediate ROIs, and they need to look beyond the sales it makes to adopt a wider set of KPIs.
But the question remains, how can brands bring the two most powerful platforms together and ensure they succeed in the attempts. In the piece, we shall highlight various ways brands can get the best of both worlds: social commerce and the online market.

Here are a few ways brands can marry their eCommerce strategies with social media experiences:

1. Encouraging Customers to Create Content Across Multiple Channels

The significance of various channels is not hidden from anyone in the fashion industry. Adopting a multichannel approach enables brands and retailers to be in touch with their customers anytime and anywhere. It helps them spread the word for fashion houses and allows customers to know what their favorite company is into.

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