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Product Configurator Allows Fashion Houses to Embr

The future of fashion is all about the customization that will range from prints, colors, apparel to wear, and size and shape that suits buyers. The customization trends and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual realities, are reshaping the way people perceive the fashion industry. Likewise, the web to print software solutions allows brands and retailers to tie digital printing, new technology in the form of customized and digitized solutions and enable your buyers to recreate and reimagine their fashion products. They can add or print text on t-shirts, shirts, blazers, jackets, jerseys, backpacks, shoes, sneakers, belts, and many others. Buyers can also visualize the product they have designed so that they know what they are buying and return it to your website when they want to purchase any fashion item.

Web to Print Software Offers Sure Shot Ways to Expand Ecommerce Presence

Using digital printing technology in the fashion industry has been a dream for a long time, and it is not so far away when most leading and budding brands and retailers will incorporate the technology. Last year, the global custom apparel and t-shirt market was estimated to be $3.64 billion, and between 2021 and 2028, it is set to grow at a CAGR of 9.7 per cent. The Asia-Pacific region accounted for the most significant share in the market's growth in 2020 as it contributed to about 37.6 per cent. Many experts believe that the rise in the fashion sector in the region could be attributed to the fact that counties such as India and China are witnessing huge traction towards eCommerce. In North American countries, the US and Canada, the demand for t-shirts have always been high because of the popularity of outdoor sports. Thus, many fashion houses and textile printing companies seek opportunities to explore their collections and services to a broader audience in the coming days. Customized printing fashion items seem to be a great option for doing business as more buyers are interested in purchasing apparel or any accessory product that displays their fashion sense. Personalized clothing is also becoming increasingly popular as a fashion choice because everyone wants to feel special. Also, the printing industry has helped several people to voice their opinions and compel governments and even some brands to hear them out. Custom-made apparel and other items are often used to share slogans to raise awareness among others regarding social issues, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, fighting racism, and many others. During the pandemic's peak, the fashion industry observed a sudden rise in eCommerce purchases, which also drove many big fashion houses to provide online shopping. Several emerging clothing brands have begun to sell custom printed apparel that allows buyers to stay in touch with their fashion sense and feel comfortable at the same time.

Clearly, the niche industry is only going to grow from here. Although it does require some investment, a top-quality printer or fashion-tech company is worth the money if you want to venture into this business. In the next section, we shall explore how implementing a printing solution in your business model will help you to boost your online sales and improve your presence across various platforms.

Let us dig in a little deeper to know how installing customized printing tools can help spur and expand business:

1. Fulfilling the Rising Demand for Brands and Visual Presence

Ecommerce is an intensely competitive market where thousands of companies launch every year and struggle to stand out and make their place in the market. Therefore, having a customized printing tool allows brands and retailers to stand out from the crowd and promote their services and solutions. Through these novel technologies, they can place a logo, company name, and other relevant information for promoting a brand without extensively marketing for the organization. Wherever the buyer goes, people will notice the brand on the product, thus, helping brands and retailers gain valuable attention. Additionally, when a company invests in digitally fashionable, well-fitted apparel and comfortable accessories, people will be happy to purchase from you and reduce the cart abandonment ratio. In the western world, fashion companies have better opportunities to sell personalized apparel as the fabric printing business is picking up its pace in the market there, and brands can fulfil their branding requirements. Let us take the case of Ralph Lauren, a leading name in the fashion industry that has decided to use textile coloring technology to let shoppers have the blank slate of cotton polo shirts dyed in-store. Chemicals giant Dow, a major player in textile dyes, has been working with Ralph Lauren on new processes for cotton dyeing that reduce the use of chemicals, water and energy intensity.

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