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Custom Design Hoodies Help Fashion Brands to Blend

TV shows have been the biggest fashion inspiration for people. With their wider audience reach and accessibility, they can start a new fashion trend better than films or fashion shows. Therefore, we see many people wearing TV shows punch lines, pictures of their favorite character or a favorite scene on their apparel, especially on hoodies and t-shirts. Many budding and digitally-native clothing brands are more into manufacturing products that people can associate with, such as TV shows and help customers create a cult fashion. Customization serves the same purpose. Our custom-made hoodies enable fashion brands and retailers to let their buyers design the hoodies that help them to flaunt their love for their favorite TV shows. Using our customization tool, they can add text, print an image, or change the background, style, or fabric of the design selected from your e-Catalogue. Its digital features allow your customers to preview the product they have customized through 3d technology and also aid establish transparency with them.

Custom Design Hoodies Offers Solutions to Leverage New Shoppable Entertainment

Television has been the best escape gate for people as it distracts them from real-life problems, and it doesn't judge them if they slump in front of it wearing comfortable clothes as charitably called. However, increasingly as more streaming outfits pour millions into ever more ambitious, Emmy-worthy productions, TV is also a great source of inspiration when it comes to our more ambitious selves. Buyers are willing to wear clothes inspired by their favorite characters, such as Shiv Roy in "Succession", who dons high-waisted power pants. While others may be motivated by the way, they eat a savory goat stew inspired by the antics of the wellness retreaters in "Nine Perfect Strangers," or model our decor after the surprisingly tasteful Vegas home of Deborah Vance, one of the titular "Hacks" in the HBO Max comedy, which is up for an Outstanding Production Design award at the Emmys this Sunday. In short, TV influences our behavior, choices, and, thereby, perception. OTT platform has taken the fashion influence to the next level as the gilded halls of Bridgerton to the dystopian rituals of Squid Game transport millions of viewers to another world and influence their fashion and lifestyle overnight. Lyst, a shopping platform coined the term "the Regencycore", reflects the surge in Bridgerton-style corsets and finery, which hit 11.5 million views on TikTok. Gossip Girl reboot on HBO ushered in the "dark academia" preppy trend, causing a surge in search for varsity jackets (rise in 53 per cent), plaid vests (increase in 47 per cent), and high collared shirts (growth in 34 per cent) after its release in July. The power of visual stimuli dominates our senses to a great extent; therefore, leading luxury fashion brand Gucci recently released its "House of Gucci" film and witnessed a spike in its sales in November. Similarly, including Emily in Paris and Squid Game, TV hit shows have created micro-trends ranging from green tracksuits and pink boiler suits to Kangol bucket hats.

Luxury brands typically don't have a business model through which they can immediately respond to the sudden rise of a particular fashion trend. Fashion houses, such as Asos, which was originally built to replicate looks "As Seen on Screen", is one of the few companies that can resonate their collection lines with that of a highly successful fashion trend on TV or OTT. Nevertheless, being in the fashion industry means catering to what customers demand. Therefore, brands are now going straight to the source, working with streaming platforms, such as Netflix and HBO Max, to produce fashion collaborations that go live with the show or film. Let us consider the case of Balmain that is leading the way of collaborations with various channels. In November, its creative director Olivier Rousteing introduced a capsule collection with Netflix Western, The Harder They Fall, after being approached to design costumes and fall in love with the production, particularly for its championing of Black representation Westerns.

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