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Jacket Design Software Helps Fashion Brands Capita

As eCommerce businesses are getting ready for the holiday season, one trend that is shaking the entire fashion industry is the rise in social commerce. The new business form seems to have made its way into buyers hearts as it provides seamless shopping experiences and also enables them to share these things with friends and family members. Likewise, the jacket design online, a customization solution, also allows apparel brands and retailers to let their buyers take control of how they want their apparel to look. The tool offers them the top-notch customer experience as they can digitally add any design, fabric, and sleeves or print any text or image on the jacket. The tool makes shopping fun and exciting and subtly promotes brands for their exceptional services.

Jacket Design Software Provides Solutions to Gain Edge in the Social Commerce

Social media is the best thing that can happen to human civilization. With a click, people can see what is happening around them, talk with friends, and engage with brands to know what are they up to. This rising dependence on social media led to the birth of social commerce, and despite being in its infancy, it has managed to attract several leading brands to invest and develop features that boost their sales. The digital platform is beyond connecting people with one another as it is now more focused on driving sales. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest have completely transformed the way people would look at the brands. These tech companies are looking to claim a share of the $36.6 billion that’s up for grabs in retail, social commerce, according to eMarketer, up from $27 billion in 2020. And it is estimated that social commerce will reach $56 billion by 2023.

With holiday shopping approaches, brands are gearing up to offer their customers unique shopping experiences as they invest in novel social media features and tap them into capabilities. For instance, Facebook rolled out Shops, which is a feature that lets businesses upload products to their Facebook page. The feature was originally meant to help small businesses struggling to make their presence felt in the online marketplace. Their need was more realized by them when the pandemic broke, and online shopping was the only way out. Since its inception, Facebook has been using Shops along with many other solutions that help fashion brands and retailers, including Facebook Live. In April, Petco did its first live adoption event and fashion show on Facebook, and it later hosted another live event around the Olympics. Thus, it would be appropriate to say that many apparel brands have been testing water for live shopping, especially during the summers when Facebook kicked off Live Shopping Fridays, a three-month-long event that featured brands including Alleyoop, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Clinique, Dermalogica, Dolce Vita, Murad, Sephora, and Zox. Each brand got to host three 30-minute long live streams. Some brands, including Benefit Cosmetics, Cocokind, Macy’s, Paintbox Nails, Ulta Beauty and Walmart, have hosted daily live streams on the social media platform throughout November to encourage customers to shop ahead of the holidays. And since people rely on each other to know whether a brand offers a better product or not, the recommendation of virtual platforms can long a long way. Therefore, Facebook, too, added a group-oriented Product Recommendations capability that shows products that members recommend when they ask for guidance. The social network, which has been a mainstay in the news recently due to its official name change to Meta, also is introducing Top Product Mentions within a user’s News Feed. Like the other features, this is designed so shoppers can discover products recommended by peers from groups they’re a part of.

Let us now dive in a little deeper to understand why brands have been relying on social media platforms and what are the new trends that propel brands to use more of these platforms.

1. Rising Trend of Live Streaming

Live streaming has been gaining a lot of traction from buyers, and it continues to reach new and unprecedented heights. The technology which the gaming industry had earlier used is now gradually making its way in the fashion industry, especially the apparel segment. Numerous luxury brands are using live streaming for business-related tasks, such as marketing and content delivery. Live streaming seems to be a revolution for the fashion industry as it enables fashion houses to create interactive and shoppable online virtual stores and showrooms.

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