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How Can Custom Shoe Designs Help Footwear Business

After Facebook announced it would rebrand itself as Meta to focus more on the metaverse where people could meet and discuss various topics virtually, many leading names in the fashion and luxury industries are jumping in the pool to leverage the transforming landscape of the market. Some are trying to partner with companies that already hold digital expertise, while some are navigating their way to this new way of shopping and selling. Our custom shoe designing is here for all footwear brands and retailers that are willing to leverage the changing scenarios of the footwear market. Its customization and digitization solutions enable footwear companies to display their collections through a digital platform and let your buyers take inspiration from them to design their footwear. It helps them make all the necessary changes in the product through 3d and head to the final payment gateways. It enables brands and buyers to establish transparency by using the latest technologies that also assist in providing an exceptional shopping experience to buyers.

Custom Shoe Designs Better Equips Brands to Become Digitally Proactive

Facebook changing its name and status-quo to announce a slew of new features to its platform have compelled other tech giants, such as Microsoft, to introduce their version of the virtual technology. Microsoft has announced it would create its own digital virtual universe called "Microsoft Mesh" in direct competition to Facebook's metaverse. The company is set to introduce new features to Microsoft Teams like 3D avatars and virtual meeting rooms as a part of its digital offerings. The idea behind offering these virtual solutions is that all the industries have realized that virtual showrooms are here to stay, and the pandemic has only accelerated its implementation. People were initially scared to step out for shopping as not many brands and stores had digital facilities to prevent social contact; however, with the advancement in technology, their fear turned into convenience, and as a result, the fashion industry and its various segments have caught on well with the new trend, especially the footwear segment. This segment never witnessed a dark period, even when the pandemic was at its peak. Customers would buy only essential commodities, but footwear never slid from their minds, and thanks to fitness consciousness people, the demand for footwear during the pandemic soared from one to another. Therefore, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that not just footwear giants, such as Adidas, Vans, and Sketchers, seek new ways to entice their audience. Start-ups, too, are changing the game by pushing the industry forward with new tech, including from sneakers to wear in the metaverse to 3D-printed shoes that can be remoulded again. Digital solutions have the power to reach billions of people at once and host hundreds of billions of dollars of digital commerce.

Digital technology helps footwear companies to re-design reality because the latest collection of sneakers and shoes comes in NFT variety and is more in 3d. Despite the procedure to manufacture the products has largely remained 2d and often begins with pencil sketches and photoshops, the trend to display collections in 3d is exponentially rising. Many fashion-tech companies are working with footwear brands and retailers to create software that let sneaker companies design in virtual reality, meaning the shoes are 3D from the outset. Using these solutions and platforms, designers can navigate around 3d objects to draw and sketch directly on products. It means designers can sketch around the ergonomics of the foot more easily. Adidas, a pioneer in the footwear and sportswear industry, uses one such platform and has released a shoe designed in VR. Using the 3d platforms means that Adidas's international workforce can see the shoes in 3D earlier than they could have. It is observed that during the pandemic, people would jump into these virtual studios and work on their own to create some magnificent products. The novel technology helps in mimicking the in-person design studio experience. These technologies are expected to gain traction from buyers further as Christmas is approaching, and the fear of new COVID-19 Omicron is making people extra cautious and proactive. Therefore, in these conditions, having digital technology and playing with its new features will help brands and retailers to expand their business.

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