The time between the discovery and purchase of a product is a pain point for any customer who continues to expect better experiences. Fashion brands are continuously focusing on reducing the constant source of this friction and launching new technologies to enable a smooth and speedy transition from inspiration to acquisition. However, the simplest way to plummet this long process is by offering a customization solution that allows customers to select a collection and customize it. The design t-shirt software works on similar lines and allows apparel brands and retailers to provide a top-notch customer experience to buyers by allowing them to design the product and preview it using 3d technology seamlessly.

Custom T-Shirts Online Helps Fashion Houses to Provide Top-Notch Customer Experience

One of the biggest challenges the fashion sector faces is to meet the rising demand of digitally native customers at each point in the customer journey. Buyers expect apparel companies to know beforehand what they want and how they deliver the personalized experiences tailored to them. Customer experience is all about easing the shopping process that shoppers aspire to seek, whether online or offline. Fashion retail customer experience is a whole new walkway to be navigated. The key to offering a marvelous customer experience is to be prepared for anything that comes in between. To succeed in the domain, fashion brands, designers, and retailers to move beyond a retroactive approach and start anticipating and delivering on customer preferences at every touchpoint. For instance, contemporary fashion retailer Reiss is launching a new website to offer a more tailored customer experience. The new-look website will be styled in the Reiss aesthetic and will showcase the brand's womenswear, menswear and childrenswear collections, alongside campaigns and content.

For UK shoppers, the new eCommerce platform will offer improved stock availability due to the brand investing in new store-fulfilment technology and will allow the retailer to extend last orders for next-day delivery from 7 pm to 11 pm. The questions that remain to be answered are how can clothing brands provide enhanced customer experiences to buyers and what all strategies they need to adapt to meet the expectations set by customers. One way can be by collecting customer experience data; retailers can gain valuable insight into their customers' preferences and patterns and allow them to improve their overall customer experience at every stage of the shopping journey. In the blog, let us explore more ways to enhance customer experience and ease out the shopping process.

Here are ways to improve customer experiences and make their shopping more seamless:

• Reducing the Source of Confusion for Customers

Many fashion-tech solutions have helped apparel brands take the lead on streamlining the customer decision journey. However, the shopping process seems to be more fragmented than it is on digital-native platforms across the fashion industry. Therefore, there are cases when customers often struggle to shop based on their ideas, desires, and inspirations. This issue was more prominent in the last few years because consumers getting inspired has changed. In the old world, where there were limited digital points, customers would only get ideas for purchases directly from brands (intermediated by magazines) or in-store assistants. With the inception of more digital technology, buyers now have moved to a much wider range of inspirations, from social media, celebrities, and influencers to spotting an attractive look on the street. According to a survey of millennials, consumers are more likely to find inspiration from external sources (such as influencers, friends, and TV) than directly from the brand or retailer (for example, the store website and in-store staff). The study further states that some 41 per cent of respondents say they rely on influencers and bloggers, compared with just 20 per cent who put their faith in-store employees.

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