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Jewelry Design Software A Pioneer Tool Helping Bra

Social media has transformed everyone’s life. It helped users connect with their loved ones, follow their idols, and inspire them to enhance their lifestyles. And as social media became the centre of our universe, the accessory industry left no stone unturned to entice buyers with its novel marketing strategies. It has changed the way people shop and enabled brands and customers to interact in real-time, which has turned out to be the biggest game-changer for the industry. Similarly, our online jewelry design software, a customization solution, allows brands to let their customers determine the designs of their ornaments which can later be shared on their various social media accounts. It also offers digital solutions, enabling your buyers to preview the jewelry they have designed in 3d and make further changes to it before placing an order.

Jewelry Design Software Offers Solutions to Help Labels Leverage on Social Commerce

Traditionally, jewelry and other accessories brands have relied heavily on ad campaigns and celebrities to target and sell to consumers. However, as the internet allows customers to flock online to discover products, share stories, and post reviews, mainstream social platforms have become inundated with sponsored posts and influencer campaigns. And if you run an eCommerce jewelry store, it is imperative for you to capitalize on social media trends and not miss out on customers who don’t want to disrupt their social networking to shop on your site. An article from Total Retail listed the growth of social commerce as one of the four biggest predictions that will change the retail industry in the coming years. Thus, it would be appropriate to say that having a strong social commerce strategy helps brands gain a competitive advantage and allows them to cater to their customers’ shopping habits.

Social media has been a stepping stone for various jewelry brands as it enables them to create a personalized and targeted shopping experience. Social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, to name a few, help buyers to celebrate themselves and their lives and have the best of all worlds. Scrolling through social media feeds, taking inspiration, and buying things that people love has made them more addicted to brands. According to a report published on Smart Insights, many users don’t want to their social media page and search a different site or app to purchase a product. They expect a more seamless and frictionless buying experience. To cater and customers’ shopping experiences, social media platforms have introduced new features, such as buy buttons within the post, to make the frictionless buying experience possible.

Additionally, advertisements and “shoppable” posts and stories invite customers to “buy now” and peer-to-peer buying and selling. In case these trends and features appear too much, you must comfort yourself with the fact that leveraging social media can take your jewelry business to a level that you can’t imagine. Its quick marketing strategy that allows your buyers to view and purchase the product in real-time. For example, suppose you’re taking full advantage of Instagram Shopping. In that case, you’re tagging products in your photos, videos, and stories and then turning those posts into opportunities for Instagram users to shop. Instagram allows brands to offer a more robust social commerce experience as it continuously launches new features that enable brands to enable shoppers to buy products more seamlessly. Its recent addition to the project, Instagram Checkout, allows customers to purchase products within Instagram without ever having to leave the app and go to the retailer’s website.

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