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Online Product Designer Enables Fast Brands to Tak

Waste products or discarded products remain one of the biggest concerns for the fashion industry. Despite many leading brands taking measures to curb these effects, they seem to be failing to meet the requirements, and fast fashion continues to gain more traction among buyers. Therefore, it is imperative that brands and retailers re-evaluate their game plans and rethink the ways they can make sustainable products more popular among buyers. Customization tools, such as online product design software, perfectly solves the mentioned above as it allows fashion brands and retailers to leverage the power of technology, and at the same time, allow their buyers to determine what kind of fashion products they aspire to own. This way, fashion houses can blend the best of both worlds and keep their businesses running even amid turbulent days.

Online Product Designer Offers Solutions to Help Brands Become the Eco-Friendlier Brands

2021 was a climacteric year as the world was focused on the discourse around climate change issues, sustainable conscience, and ethical usage of resources. These days more volunteers and customers are gradually moving towards climate-conscious behavior and forcing many brands to implement these changes in their bottom lines. It is not just the fashion industry, but many other sectors are witnessing a similar surge to move towards an eco-friendly business model. For instance, the automobile industry saw many major players move towards carbon neutrality and hop on the electric bandwagon. But in the fashion industry is accounted as the major contributor of pollution across many sectors, and its influence on climate change is not an alien concept anymore. It is a significant contributor to polluting the environment through the carbon emissions and unsustainable usage of resources while producing clothing commodities. As we enter 2022, many fashion companies are still debating climate conscience. Though it would be unfair to criticize fashion brands and retailers for not doing enough, products ranging from swimsuits to wedding dresses are marketed as carbon positive, organic, and sometimes even vegan. Whereas shoes and sneakers are made from sugar cane dot retail shelves, many new business models incorporate recycling, resale, rental, reuse, and repair to save the environment.

Here are some of the developments in the fashion industry in 2022 that is anticipated to make a drastic transformation in the fashion sense.

The Plummeting Effect of Seasonal Fashion

For a significant time, brands and retailers have immensely concentrated on displaying their collections around the year for every season. This has worked in the past as people had a new wardrobe to wear and flaunt for every changing season; however, gradually, people started to see problems in the format. Customers had to dump their older clothes to accommodate the latest collections, and sometimes many of their lines would also go unsold, and they were eventually dumped in the landfill, which also caused environmental degradation. In these situations, brands and retailers have adopted a more digital approach that allows them to savor the taste of seasonal fashion lines while striking a balance with the planet.

Digital technology has enabled fashion houses to market their products across regions. They can now entice more buyers as they can promote their fashion products for various countries and their buyers. For instance, they have the opportunity to lure in buyers by understanding the seasonal differences between Europe and Southern African countries, which means that European retailers can get the maximum use out of that year's winter or summer collections beyond their markets of origin. My Runway, a leading name in the online marketplace, takes stock from some of the biggest retailers across Europe and the US and sell these products to the South African Market. Their marketing strategy was further accelerated by the pandemic that pushed the fashion industry to think about virtual solutions.

Similarly, our 3D design software allows fashion and accessory brands to thrive online using relevant and robust business solutions. The customization software comes with built-in digital features thus, enabling customers to digitize their apparel, footwear, handbags, ornaments, and other accessories and preview them using digital technology. They can design any product they like from the eCataloges offered by brands and give their fashion twist to the product.

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