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Style on-Demand fashion is revolutionizing the fashion industry. According to a report The State of Fashion 2019 by McKinsey & Company, technology has made it possible for the apparel manufacturers and brands to offer just-in-time production to cater to the immediate style needs of the consumers.

If you think that the trend of offering custom created and personalized clothes can bring revolutionary change to your business model, you are thinking in the right direction.

Personalization and curation, based on personal taste will become a lot more important,” says Ananth Narayanan, chief executive of Myntra, a fashion e-commerce player acquired by Flipkart in 2014.

With the help of right technologies, it is possible to offer personalization. Apparel design software is one of the enabling technologies that can help you in creating and offering personalized styles on demand.

How does Apparel Design Software help?
Apparel Design Software is a state-of-the-art tool that is loaded with exquisite features to help your customers design their own clothes and apparels. There is no limitation to the designs that can be used to create stylish garments. The software comes with an interactive interface that permits users to choose their design, cut, pattern, colors, and other details. Additionally, the users can add graphics, images, texts, clip arts, quotes, and logos to their apparel as per their preferences. 

Why are fashion fans looking for personalized style on demand?
This is the era of fast-changing preferences. The tastes and likings change as new trends emerge in the market. Every fashion lover wants to stay ahead in the fashion world. This is only possible when they have new and innovative styles to wear and flaunt. Personalization adds more flavor to it. It is like the cherry on the cake. It allows them to add their personal preferences, thoughts, and ideas on the apparel easily. 

Secondly, personalization refers to clothing that has been specifically designed for the individual buyer. Nobody else can own it. This quality adds worth to your apparel and delivers value to your customers. The psychological model of fashion reveals that fashion lovers desire for variety and like to express their creativity and want to create a personal statement. 

Current trends in the market
The current fashion industry is experiencing a paradigm shift with the advent of sophisticated technologies. Instead of pushing the apparels and designs according to fore casted demand, brand manufacturers are pulling the garments into the market based on actual demand. Under the push strategy, the production and distribution were ruled by forecasts. In a pull strategy, the procurement, manufacturing, and delivery are governed by customer demand.

How can you implement an Apparel Design Software to match with current trends?
Apparel design software is a tech-driven tool equipped with the latest functionalities to support e-stores. It is easily integrated with your website and offers an interactive interface with enriched user experience. Once integrated with your online store, your store gets converted into a digital apparel studio from where your customers can customize and personalize their clothes. 

Since customers are designing using their creativity, it gives an idea to the manufacturer about their interests. Assuming that the latest trends inspire them, manufacturers can produce on the same lines and serve their offline customers also.

How does Apparel Design Software work?
It allows users to choose from a wide range of apparels to customize. The list includes t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, formal shirts, jeans, tuxedo, suits, and many other varieties. The software guides them step by step to design their dress that reflects their creativity. It also supports 3d functionalities that allow users to get a three-dimensional view of their designs. This helps them to look at the design from all the angles and help them through the decision making the process. 

What are the benefits of implementing Apparel Design Software?
Apparel design software brings enormous benefits for the manufacturers. They are producing on-demand, which gives flexibility to their business model. They can mass-produce custom clothes with reduced overhead costs. The turnaround time gets shortened, and they can market their apparels at a fast speed. A study by Deloitte found that 1 in 5 consumers who are interested in personalized products or services are willing to pay a 20% premium amount if personalized choices are offered by the apparel brand. Zara, a famous apparel brand, has adopted this model of on-demand production. 

Thus, with apparel design software apparel manufacturers can offer personalized style on demand while reaping the cost and revenue benefits. 

Apparel design software empowers apparel manufacturers to offer personalized offerings. They can cater to the specific demands of their customers and give them a choice to design their own products. The personalized style on demand is in trend, and iDesigniBuy’s Apparel Design Software helps you to offer that. 

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