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Many high-end apparel brands are trying their best to fascinate their buyers, yet they are struggling to keep up with the relevancy and new demands of the fashion market. Despite being popular brands among people, the new cultural and political influences have hit the fashion industry hard. But this shall too pass, as customization helps brands counter all these narratives with ease, and our online 3d fashion design solution will help these brands to cater to all needs of buyers and protect themselves from all the negative media. The tool is designed to let buyers create their fashion sense and show it to the world.

Custom Tailoring Software Enables Brands to Stand Tall Amid Crisis

The pandemic has caused many brands and retailers to rethink their missions and priorities. With the increased demand for sustainably sourced products, others are likely to follow suit. Brands such as Zalando, Gucci, Veja, and Levi’s and a host of non-profits, are all working towards increasing their sustainability commitments and eco-learning in line with these new consumer values. Besides, some are quicker to adopt the latest trends and habits picked up by buyers and streaming in the competition.

Here are the reasons why certain brands are lagging and how they can stand on their feet again.

Fast-Fashion Leads to Less R&D

Fast fashion always meant that brands need to come with new solutions within six months, which left them with less time for research and development. While this approach gives customers the opportunity to access new products all the time, it has also weighed on the innovation and differentiation that these products offer. And sometimes, the brand spends too much time marketing its product to shoppers and enhancing its customer base that they overlook an essential feature that differentiates them from others, and that’s originality.

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