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Gender-neutral or unisex products have created a lot of buzz in the fashion market for quite some time now, but retailers don’t seem to understand its concept and relevance to consumers. But with time, apparel brands are gradually catching up with the trend and coming up with various such apparel styles that will cater to these needs. Another way to deal with it is to let customers take full responsibility for what they want to wear through customization solutions. Our fashion design software is the epitome of providing the best personalization techniques for brands to enable them to increase their market reach and make a way into Gen Z’s hearts. The tool is well-equipped to accommodate suggestions put forth by your customers and makes their shopping experience unforgettable.

Apparel Design Software Enabling Brands to Indulge in Inclusive Fashion

Gender-neutral or fluidity, as some may call it, had penetrated our culture a very long time ago. People are, therefore, starting to reject the old idea of dividing the apparel into men and women. They have moved on from what is now called a binary gender identity to gender inclusivity. We’ve been seeing a lot of inquiries into gender-neutral and gender-inclusive fashion lately and wanted to provide a one-stop-shop for brands that lie at the intersection of gender inclusion and sustainability.

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