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The traditional way of doing business is gradually declining as brands are experimenting with the new techniques to make themselves relevant in the apparel market. And the recent trend that has attracted many fashion companies is re-selling on their digital platform.

Likewise, custom tailoring software enables brands to let their customers design their clothes at affordable prices using digital technology. With technology spreading its wings across the fashion domain, it is interesting to see what new brands have to offer.

Tailoring Software Enabling Brands to Promote Second-hand Market

The recent events have shown to the fashion industry that a little negligence towards nature, technology, and people can bring them down. Therefore, they must always be ready to face challenges. Of late, consumers have shifted their priorities and stared focusing on new brands that offer novel experiences, unique shopping options, and the latest designs. A recent study by Bazaarvoice, the Behaviour that Sticks report, explores global shopping habits and trends likely to continue post-lockdown. As per the research, globally, 39 percent of consumers purchased from new brands during the lockdown, and 88 percent of consumers plan to stick with the new brands they have tried during the lockdown.

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