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Since the beginning of this year, the fashion industry continues to witness tremendous changes. And therefore, brands are stuck at the intersection and in a dilemma where to go and what to do. In such scenarios, it is best to give the driving seat to the consumer and closely watch what they need. Hence, customization. Our best clothing design software helps apparel manufacturing companies and retailers to gain a complete insight into what customers are into and accordingly plan your production. The tool comes with an in-built customization solution enabling brands’ customers to design any kind of apparel, including shirt, t-shirt, pants, jackets, hoodies, blazers, and many other clothes as per their preferences.

Clothing Design Software Enabling Brands to Evaluate their Strategies

The fashion market won’t be the same as today, and its continuous evolution is compelling brands to evolve their strategy continuously. It has been estimated that luxury store portfolios will be vastly different in five years, as brands pivot away from waning American and European locations to chase cash-rich millennials in Asia. Since millennials are all about shopping online and especially in the APAC region, the group is predominantly determining what should be the trend and what shouldn’t be. Luxury brands are opening fewer offline locations overall, cutting spending, and renegotiating leases to limit the damages brought by Covid-19. The exception is in China, where new stores are needed to meet high-spending luxury customers’ demand.

This is a turning point for the Chinese market and its consumers because earlier, they had to buy fashion products, such as apparel, footwear, and many things from abroad, also sustained the importance of luxury tourist destinations like London and Paris. With 73 percent of Chinese luxury consumers planning to convert half of their annual abroad luxury spend back to China in the next year, per Boston Consulting Group, China is bound to see an uptick in retail luxury investment at the expense of Europe and the US. Over the past ten years, industry leader LVMH has gradually shifted its retail center of gravity towards the Asia Pacific.

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