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“Technology” in the fashion world has drastically changed its way of doing business. It has evolved into a wide-reaching term that covers the entire supply chain from creating the product to tracing it. As an umbrella term, technology is an increasingly pivotal enabler of circular business models. And one innovative technology that has made it possible to track the production process is the online fashion designing software. This is a customization solution that helps brands to create fashion styles demanded by customers through a digital medium, thus safeguarding the environment.

Clothing Design Software Offers Room for Experiments to Brands

Although retail footfall continues to rise, this recent boost to in-store shopping hasn’t, for the most part, come close to compensating for sales that migrated online. It also fails to resolve the unexpected volumes of inventory brands need to clear.

When we talk about technology, we are no longer talking only about garments being tracked from suppliers to retail stores. Instead, it’s time to spotlight the rise of ‘digital triggers’ in facilitating circular fashion models.

Let us find out how technology in the fashion industry can help to maintain sustainability:

Expertise in Managing Inventory

You all must be knowing how much cost a brand has to bear when their items go unsold. As these days, the sales plummet with people losing their jobs, overflow stock, fashion houses are finding it extremely difficult to foresee and combat these challenges. However, some solutions are achievable for retailers at any scale. For example, Hermes recently announced that it would hold workshops and train employees to observe growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides, novel technology, like digital triggers, allow the consumer to engage with the brand regarding their purchase— by directing them to a digital marketing campaign about the garment’s production,

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