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In the past few months, the rules for engaging with customers are changing. Digital technology, social commerce, influencer marketing, and zero seasonal trends are reshaping the fashion world. The pandemic has forced brands and retailers to rethink how they approach key events this year. The holiday season will be no exception. And customization along with 3d feature is proving to be a game-changer for brands. The fashion design software works on a similar notion and enables you to grow business and expand your market reach with ease and in a short period. The tool is designed to aid brands in catering to customers’ dynamic expectations and help them create their apparel seamlessly

Apparel Design Software Offers Innovative Solutions to Engage with Customers

Lizzyobx, Lucy10, and Alicia30off may appear to be someone’s user names, but they are useful tools for brands to capture social media influencers’ attention. These codes through influencers to their followers and end-users. It’s a convenient way for brands to track influencer ROI and sales conversion while moving stock without having obvious markdowns. For influencers, it’s a means of audience engagement for followers old and new. Brands can get them to share codes through their Instagram posts and stories, where there can be a direct call-to-action to shop through Instagram’s swipe-up feature. These techniques are helpful for brands to track sales conversions and contacting customers where they are.

Apart from codes, there are many other ways brands are approaching influencers to spread a few words about their brand, aiding them in increasing brand value. Let us have a look at different aspects of reaching customers.

Here are some ways of marking presence in the fashion world:

Looking After the Planet

Sustainability has been in the apparel world for quite some time, and people are also aware of all practices when a cloth is manufactured. But what about procedures performed after the production? Therefore, big brands like Burberry and Patagonia are designing garments with sustainable aftercare in mind, while the aftercare industry is slowly adopting new methods. Some smart suggestions, including hanging dresses in the shower and spraying, rose water or vodka solutions, are helpful tips forwarded by brands to help customers keep their clothes fresh and wearable even after donning them various times.

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