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The fashion industry is known to create trends. Today, the latest trend isn’t about style or having a seasonal color. It’s about green fashion and ethical clothing. The fashion industry has wreaked havoc on the environment during its process of cloth making and shipping. So, brands and even shoppers have decided to stay on the same page and take steps to support the noble cause of sustainability. Both have agreed to endorse the trend and adopt the right technology to tackle the issues. Our apparel design software is one of such technologies that is designed to support the cause.

In the past, the fashion industry has no such term called “eco-friendly clothing”. But now things are changing, and even the mindset of people and brands are experiencing a paradigm shift. They are becoming conscious of sustainable fashion. Stat says, 88% of customers are willing to support brands that can help them be more environmentally friendly.

Some of the fashion biggies that are supporting sustainable fashion are:


Tentree is one of the brands that live up to its name. Yes, for each item purchased, the brand plants 10 trees. To make it a great experience, they even provide the customer with a code that can help them track their trees’ growth. Tentree is on track to plant 1billion trees by 2030, and till date, they have planted over 48,482,444 trees. Also, their attires are produced in ethical factories and are made of sustainable materials like coconut, recycled polyester, and cork.


Everlane is following a remarkable initiative of providing sustainability with transparency. The brand let their customers know the accurate breakdown of each item’s cost, what the garment is made of, and even shows the factories where garments were made.Everlane has recently released a line of clothing made from recycled plastic bottles and other reused materials.

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