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Do you ever feel the need to re-evaluate your IBM i security or modernize your legacy IBM iSeries AS400 software application? The concern with legacy software is that they outgrow their original and intended requirements yet continue in service for an extended period.

To keep up with changing business requirements, the systems are constantly updated to the extent that they are no longer recognizable as the initial model. This makes it difficult for IT specialists to understand them and make additional improvements.

To date, many organizations are still shackled by legacy software applications.

The AS400 software systems have been in use for almost three decades.

Although it is a very reliable technology, it does have certain drawbacks, even now.

Organizations that employ AS400 technology that is outdated encounter issues from time to time, which can be related to efficiency or user experience or both.

Let’s get into details of the AS400 technology and learn why must you modernize your outdated systems.

What Is the AS400/iSeries?

In 1988, IBM developed the AS400 systems, which included its proprietary OS/400 operating system and an integrated database. More commonly, it is now known as the IBM System or i-Series. It is adopted not only by medium businesses but also by several Fortune 500 companies.

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