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However, based on our years of experience we can say that the cost of developing a .net application might sometimes be less than the cost of developing a full-fledged website. The blog is written by keeping organizations like yours in mind looking to get applications developed on the .Net framework

Web applications have become an essential part of the business world. Most organizations use such applications for increasing the efficiency of their internal operations. Web applications are opening a plethora of opportunities for many companies, and local businesses are going global with web applications. Web applications are the first point of contact (POC) of employees with your brand, hence are the new frontier in business. Organizations should avoid cost-cutting in such an important project and ensure that the internal stakeholders create a positive brand image in their minds. 

So, there is no surprise that most enterprises are looking to develop a web application for their brand. And, now the few most crucial questions arise when organizations have decided to create a web application. Questions like, on which platform the application should be developed and how much it will cost? In this post, we have tried to answer your queries in detail.

Why Should You Choose .Net for Application Development?

.Net is changing the whole concept of application development, as the millennials have started internet access through their tablets and smartphones. For them, it is the most convenient and cost-effective method for accessing information online. So, businesses need to think about application development in a whole new way.

According to Studies:

Applications developed on the .net platform have more chances of being stable & averse to getting hacked in comparison to another available platform. Well-designed .net apps from an experienced .net development company will help your business to stay ahead of the competitors.

How Much does it Cost to Build a .Net Application?

The cost of developing a dot net development application is significantly less in comparison to website development. This is because it takes less time to build a .net application. But the cost and time of developing a .net application may increase or decrease as organization requirements.

There are various factors on which, companies decide the actual cost of developing a .net application. Like price will increase with feature and functionality, or if you want your application to be developed with strict deadlines, the .net development company may charge you more. 

A simple .net application with essential functions may cost you between $2000-$5000, while a complex .net application like e-commerce may cost you somewhere around $10000-$25000. (This is a broad range of .net application development, the actual costing may differ as per requirements.)

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing a .Net Application

The cost of developing a .net application from a .net development company depends on various factors. We have listed a few factors below-

The Complexity of Your Dot Net Application Development

Being a leading .net development company for more than two decades now, we have come across numerous organizations who want the best (or you can say complex) application for their business.

There are various levels of complexity in a typical .net application.

Simple .Net Applications

The simple .net applications have fundamental functions and consist of minimum content and interactive elements. Such .net application takes less time in development and they are not very costly

Medium .Net Application Development

The application development is a bit more challenging. The cost incurred and the development time of such an application are high in comparison to others. Usually, businesses wanting integrations done with their existing applications, opt for such an application development process. Cloud-hosted and highly scalable are some important characteristics of a web app. Moreover, .net is the best platform for developing medium-level web applications, so chose the net development company for your project carefully.


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