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Like many other businesses, are you also worried about the future of IBM iSeries after IBM discontinued the services of IBM PM400?

If yes! We can suggest you a better option. But before that, you must be aware of the importance of IBM PM400 so that you can compare it with other available options and develop a better understanding.

Do You Know What is IBM PM400?

IBM PM400 or Performance Management System is an easy to use, dynamic, and capacity-planning tool. It’s a way for customers to share their data with IBM Power Systems to be analyzed.

IBM PM400 includes a set of reports and graphs that allow businesses to analyze performance without investing too much time that was previously wasted in data collection and report preparation.

IBM Discontinued PM400

Last year in September, IBM had discontinued the services of Performance Management for Power Systems. This was a huge setback for various business owners as many managed service providers (MSPs) and business partners relied on IBM PM400 for historical data collection and reporting across their software.

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