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What does Application Outsourcing Means?

Application outsourcing is a general term for outsourcing business processes. The process involves many phases like – software life cycle development, consulting and maintenance related services. Application outsourcing services also includes design, testing, or production-related services.

For AS400 i Series outsourcing services mean, businesses rely on a third-party company to get their work done in order to avoid the burden of doing the work in-house. Recent advancements in cloud computing services have made application outsourcing possible at remote locations. And this single revolution has given many businesses the option to outsource the work to a range of third-party i Series AS400 services providers.

Why IBM iSeries AS400 Need Modernization?

Large organizations often run mission-critical workloads on AS400 software that are older, expensive to maintain, and difficult to operate. Today, many organizations want to modernize their existing AS400 applications to gain higher scalability and cost benefits. Still, not every organization has the needful resources and experienced in-house team to complete the task. In such a scenario, application outsourcing is the best option.

How (AS400) Technology Transformation Can Help You Become a Cognitive Enterprise?

In various industries, today’s modern skillset did not live a decade ago—for example, technologies like AI, cloud computing, and machine learning.

But as the world of technologies is expanding, organizations worldwide have an excellent opportunity to change the way they manage their business process. Organizations using AS400 iSeries technology can develop digital initiatives in the existing business process, thus accelerate the overall process.



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