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IBM iSeries is not an isolated system, as it is connected to multiple devices, databases, and networks. Almost every file or object stored on the IBMi has exposure to Ransomware as it does not discriminate. It can harm each object that is easily accessible. Moreover, it can also damage the data of access connected devices and mapped network drives and leave organizations feeling paralyzed. To counter the issue, organizations need an anti-ransomware program. The iSecurity anti-ransomware will protect the organization’s data from attacks. Just go through the blog to get in-depth knowledge of iSecurity working and how it helps IBM AS400 enabled organizations.

What is iSecurity Anti-Ransomware?

Ransomware can be defined as a malicious program that generally originates from a hacked PC device and contains the victim’s files using a public key generated from another computer. That key is used to decrypt the encrypted files, and hackers demand money from the original data owner and release the ticket after a hefty amount is paid to them. iSecurity anti-ransomware is a program that protects IBM AS400 files and objects against a ransomware attack.

Features of iSecurity Anti-Ransomware

  • The program identifies the Ransomware, and delay/stops it in real-time.
  • The IBM iSecurity can also detect unknown Ransomware as per other indications.
  • IBM AS/400 iSecurity program also incorporates malware honeypots to distract/delay the Ransomware from entering original company objects.
  • Accurate and fast detection of Ransomware.



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