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From a midsize organization to large manufacturers, retailers, and banks, many organizations use IBM AS400 for their smooth business operations. Furthermore, you can also find IBM AS400 in government institutions. Everyone is using AS/400, but at some points, they are concerned about the future, as IBM keeps making changes continuously. Read the blog to the end, and you will understand what the future of AS400 holds for you.

Who’s using IBMi?

It’s tough to estimate the actual number of IBMi users, but according to IBM’s previous calculation, around 120,000 organizations were using IBM AS400. If we assume that the yearly base of IBMi users is shrinking at the rate of 3% annually, the figures set around 110,000 organizations using the software. Integrative Systems is one of the silver business partners of IBM, and you can go through the website to know how we are helping IBM AS/400 users with our services.

The Demography and Geography of IBM AS400 Installation

IBM has broken its marketing cap into two main camps, i.e., large companies with more than 1000 employees and small and medium-sized companies with less than 1000 employees.

According to IBM – “30% of IBM AS400 clients are large companies and 70% business comes from small and medium-sized companies.” (IBM report, 2016)

According to the IBM, AS400 Strategy and Roadmap Report of 2016 – the IBM installation base is changing rapidly, and 70% of its business came from North America, Western Europe, and Japan.

In 2019, this percentage changed, and the number increased to 80%.

This data clearly shows that the market expansion is boosting sales, and in countries like Japan, which is the largest market for IBM AS400, organizations are spending millions on this platform.


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