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Introducing the .net framework was one of the most significant achievements of Microsoft corporation. Dot net technology can be used to create dynamic web applications that can be viewed on multiple browsers. Moreover, a reliable .net development company can help you create scalable and reusable applications as the platform is top-rated to cater to market demands. The .Net framework is suitable for creating compelling .net applications by using visual studios. Furthermore, the platform is not limited to ASP and gives developers advantages for developing websites on programming languages like C++ and VB.

What is Asp.Net?

Microsoft develops, and it stands for Active Server Pages. It is used for creating web pages and web technologies. As a part of the .Net framework, Asp.Net is quite demandable and valuable for a .net development company, as it allows them to develop dynamic, scalable, and feature-rich websites.

ASP.NET Core is an open-source framework and cross-platform for developing modern web applications based on cloud architecture. The .net framework is easy to create useful web applications and mobile apps, and IoT apps. In simple terms, the .net development framework comes with several benefits in terms of performance, security, less coding, and many more.
To create their applications, a lot of businesses are taking help from .net development companies. The .net development framework is an excellent combination of various web development models that consists of all the required services to create robust web applications for specific business needs. Let’s discuss the benefits of .net development in detail and how this technology can help fulfill your long-term business goals.

 Important Advantages of ASP.NET over Other Web Development Models:

  • It significantly reduces the number of codes required for developing large applications.
  • With built-in authentication and pre-application configuration, your application is fully secured.
  • .Net development provides better performance by taking advantage of native optimization, early binding, and caching services.
  • The framework is accompanied by a rich toolbox and designer in an integrated development environment. Apart from this, it comes with drag-and-drop server controls, WYSIWYG editing, and automatic deployment-type features.

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