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"54% of businesses face a talent shortage globally, preventing them from expanding. As per a recent study focused on the global talent shortage, there will be about 85 million job positions that would remain unfilled by 2030" – Korn Ferry Research.

Yes, this is worrisome and talent shortage appears to be a real challenge that IT leaders will have to battle for long! Is there any way around to battle the talent shortage? There is a proven and reliable alternative to hunting down talent shortages.

It’s IT Staff Augmentation.

Building teams towards a common goal is undoubtedly the best way around to achieve your IT goals. But, when the odds are against you, as a leader you have to look out for alternatives, the best one for that matter. IT Staff Augmentation is one of the most efficient ways to propel you toward your IT goal.

Let’s understand it in and out before you decide on it.

1. What is IT Staff Augmentation, and How does it work?
Not to complicate it any further, IT Staff Augmentation is yet another type of outsourcing model that lets you hire IT talent as an extension to your in-house team, irrespective of the location constraint.

2. How is IT Staff Augmentation advantageous for your business?
A. Leverage the global pool of Expertise
B. Maximized Innovation at Optimum Prices
C. Scale the Teams Up & Down as Required
D. Hassle-Free Recruitment

3. Pros & Cons of Staff Augmentation Services

A. Proven Expertise
B. No Training Costs
C. Complete Administrative Support

A. Communication Bias
B. Inefficiencies in Processes
C. Managerial Hiccups

4. How to choose the right Staff Augmentation Provider?
A. Identify your staffing needs
B. Background Check for the Staff Augmentation Provider
C. Assess Staff Augmentation Service Model

5. What is the right time to rope in Staff Augmentation Services?
Now, as we have been through the perks that IT staff augmentation brings to your business, it’s essential to understand the right time and circumstances when introducing IT staff augmentation services is a great deal to have.

Quick Example

Let’s assume that you have initiated an IT development project and you have an in-house team of 4 developers. You know that the project demands a couple of UI designers and a full-stack developer to support the initiative. In this case, rolling out the requirement to the HR team, sourcing candidates, and interviewing them is a tedious route to take. Instead, you can look out for the best IT staff augmentation services provider and hire the required talent for a specified time and get going with your project. Trust me on this, it will save you a considerable amount of time, costs and effort.

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