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Are you considering modernizing your legacy system through an IBM i modernization company? If so, you must read on to make an informed business decision!

The rapidly evolving IT landscape is the primary motivator for existing apps, often known as legacy applications, to undergo technology modernization. It has now become imperative to identify the primary modules and develop a dynamic modernization plan to ensure that companies modernize their apps gradually rather than all at once. This could, however, cause major impacts and force teams to reject modernization projects in favor of continuing with legacy applications, incurring technical debt down the road.

Older IBM i application systems, such as IBM i AS400 software, undoubtedly, provide a wide variety of functionalities. But, it has now become a legacy as newer versions provide a slew of new modern features. Continue reading to find out how IBM i application modernization can benefit your business!

Benefits an IBM i Modernization Company Can Provide
1. Faster provisioning
2. Modernized IBM i applications
3. Reduced time to market
4. Single DevOps pipeline
5. Accelerated developer onboarding
6. Shift IBM i application development to the cloud
7. Secure deployment of IBM i applications
8. Transform legacy RPG to modern free form

Integrative Systems' Modernization Approach

1. Application assessment
2. Analyzing client’s business
3. Migration and post-migration changes
4. Data migration – active and archive
5. Testing application-wise and integration

IBM i application modernization contributes to increased security, fault tolerance, compliance with work procedures, and ever-increasing audits. With the changing technological ecosystems, it is critical to modernizing legacy applications in order to achieve long-term gains in productivity and increased profitability.

Integrative Systems has gained significant technical expertise and industry knowledge on the IBM i AS400 platform over the last two decades, including:

1. RPG/400
3. J2EE
4. WebSphere
5. Domino/Notes

Our IBM i AS400 project management and technical teams put themselves in the customers’ shoes to understand their problems and develop a comprehensive solution rather than just a quick fix.

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