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Integrative Systems has answered all the FAQs that CIOs/CTOs/Business Leaders have in their minds while choosing their technical partner. Let's get started.

1. Why should we choose your company?
22+ years old in the software development industry, Integrative is headquartered in Chicago and is trusted by its clientele Globally.

A. Focussed on Microsoft Solutions, and IBM iSeries platforms,
B. 250+ Experience & Certified IT Experts
C. Have delivered success to about 1150 projects to date
D. 85+ clients globally, who believed in us, and we helped them succeed first

2. What makes you better than your competitors?
We are very focused on doing “what we are good at” and saying “NO, to what we are not good at”. on understanding problems before we actually start working on solutions. And, we believe, this approach gives us an edge to understand our customer and their problems better.

3. Do you have an Office in our market/territory/region?
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois United States, Integrative also have an office in India. Integrative is a trusted software innovation partner for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies across North America and Canada region.

4. How Strong is your company? What kind of financial backing do you have?
Integrative, both US & India operations are 100% owner funded with no equity diluted. And this implies no pressure from venture capitalists or investors. This allows us the liberty to preserve our core values, stay flexible and adaptable, and extend and evolve to help our customers succeed.

5. Has the service been tested, verified, or certified by any independent organization?
Yes, they are. Integrative has been in business for more than 20+ years now. Working with 85+ clients across the globe has enabled Integrative an opportunity to mature in the processes that we follow and the standards that we abide by.

A. INC 5000
B. Microsoft Partners
C. IBM Silver Business Partner
D. Rated by Good Firms
E. Great Places to Work

6. Why shouldn’t you do it in-house?
Having an in-house software development team is a privilege have But to compete in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, we need a team that is agile, ever-responsive to customer needs, and constantly upgrading itself – and we have mastered this with our proprietary ISM – Integrated Sourcing Model.

7. Our business is different, how can this solution work in our business?
Yes, it will! Because the solution will be tailor-made to solve your unique business problem. We, at Integrative, understand that not all business challenges can be generalized and resolved through predefined solutions/services. Our IT experts always care to dwell on the details of the business case you share. Understand and help you identify the uncertainties and repercussions of different approaches to solving the problem.

8. I question your figures; can they really be achieved? Can the benefits be substantiated?
We understand it’s hard to believe figures when they appear too good to be true. But, we have something to break to you that may leave you spellbound. Let’s look at our number first:

A. 20+ Years in service
B. 85+ clients across the globe
C. Delivered success to 1150+ projects
D. 250+ experienced & certified IT experts
E. 70% growth
F. Made it to INC 5000, three times in a row with an average of 50% year-on-year growth

With those numbers to advocate and the expertise that we claim to have, here is something that consolidates it all at once.

9. What is the return on investment?
An investment in a business solution will always reap positive ROI if done right. The return on investment varies for each project and is largely categorized depending on the following factors:

A. Type of Project – Building from Scratch/Modernize/Upgrade
B. Business Objectives discussed and included in the Scope of Work
C. Factual Parameters like – System Performance, Operational Efficiency, etc.
D. Investment Metric across the benefits promised

10. Is there a possibility of a Proof of Concept/Pilot?
To be apt – Yes! Team Integrative breathes technology and is always in the quest for innovation. If you have a concept and you are thinking of building a solution, Integrative can be your perfect technology partner who can take you from concept to solution.

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