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What Makes IBM Power10 Unique from AS400 Systems?

You must have heard about the launch of IBM Power10 Systems that was announced by IBM last year. It is now officially confirmed that IBM will begin shipping the first set of Power10 servers in the second half of 2021. The innovative Power10 processor will offer three times more performance and 2.6 times more efficiency than AS400 systems. According to IBM, such power and efficiency will bolster hybrid cloud, AI, and security workloads in upcoming years.

Power10 for IBMi, AIX, and Linux

Power10 will offer impressive performance improvement and hardware updates in comparison to its predecessors, like AS400 systems. But without the availability of hardware until next year, we will not know how Power10 affects IBM I, AIX, and Linux. After availing hardware, IBM will release new operating systems that will provide the advantage of Power10 hardware capabilities in terms of security, speed, encryption, virtual machine, and data transfer.

Impressive Architecture Specs

The specs and architecture of IBM Power10 Systems are quite impressive. The new setup is based on a 7nm process, and IBM cram 18 billion transistors on a 602 sq mm piece of silicon. This is much better than the power9 transistors, which was built on a 14 nm process. The latest version of the chip features 128 MB of L3 cache, and L2 comes with a size of 32 MB, but in reality, it shines as a mixture of advanced I/O and memory sharing capabilities to extend IBM’s lead.

IBM has partnered with Samsung Electronics for the manufacturing part, and the company has manufactured two versions of Power10.

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