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Integrative Systems provides a wide range of services for BPCS systems or INFOR LX deployments. INFOR LX is a venerable ERP system. Previously named as Infor ERP LX, INFOR LX is the successor to BPCS, developed by SSA. Later BPCS was acquired by Infor. INFOR LX runs on many IBM systems. Most notably, the ERP system runs on IBMAS/400 or IBM System platforms.

There are numerous companies still running BPCS, while some others have upgraded to INFOR LX. Irrespective of whether a BPCS system or INFOR LX is operational, Integrative Systems can provide services such as:

  • Application development, application customizations, and module development.
  • Integrating BPCS systems ERP/INFOR LX into an existing technology landscape.
  • BPCS or INFOR LX maintenance, support, and helpdesk operations (onsite and remote).
  • Modernization services for BPCS/INFOR LX.
  • Business process optimization; migration services, and BPCS systems consulting.
  • BPCS/INFOR LX data management, analysis, and reporting.

How can BPCS Consulting Trigger a Business Transformation?

Businesses have varying challenges such as delivering ERP functionality smoothly, modernizing user interfaces, and making the business processes smooth. Despite having good RPG developers, organizations are constrained for time, effort, and cost. Because technology changes rapidly, and it could be difficult for your in-house IBMi development team to keep up with the pace. In such a scenario, businesses can choose third-party services instead of risking a movement to an ERP system or building a new capability with an in-house team.

Integrative Systems remove the burden from organizations by being an active partner in change and transformation. A multi-pronged strategy for BPCS systems migration, modernization, and integration can help you in smooth business transformation.

How can Integrative Systems Help with BPCS Integration?

BPCS integration is the process of combining the system with external third-party software. It could be systems or software that organizations use every day that need to be integrated. On-demand systems that need seamless integration with the BPCS ERP could also be used for data ingestion or extraction.

BPCS system integration can also be part of a larger goal to integrate all business functions to BPCS. It is done to create a single unified source of data and computation. By integrating sub-systems, business productivity increases, costs decrease, communication between business functions increases, and errors are reduced to a great extent.

An integrated BPCS/INFOR LX ERP has real-time data updates and knowledge dissemination across the organization. Data is accessible to all stakeholders transparently via the BPCS system. Workflows run smoothly, processes function efficiently, the need for manual searches is eliminated, and duplicate data is removed.

All data types such as inventory counts, accounting, sales, customer orders, catalogue, and price are synchronized. All key executives and representatives of the organization have access to real-time data. It ensures that all business departments are on same page while working in different sectors.


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