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In today’s fast-paced world, where businesses are using advanced technology solutions, hiring employees in-house is not the only option. Globalization and technical advancement in IT services have made it possible for businesses worldwide to build remote teams for their projects efficiently.

Nowadays, more and more technology-related businesses (like IBM AS400 iSeries.Net Development, and Custom Software Development) are switching from traditional in-house hiring to IT Staff Augmentation.


What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing model intended at staffing resources within an organization according to their project needs or to fulfil pre-defined objectives. In terms of IT staffing, the terms imply – staffing an organization with the needed developers, project managers, analysts, architects, etc. (especially at remote locations)

Usually, what happens is, companies fail to find the required resources due to various reasons. In such a scenario, it’s good to connect with some IT Staff Augmentation services providers and get the resources needed.


What’s so Good About Staff Augmentation?

Employers can make strategic savings through Staff Augmentation or temporary staffing by keeping the workforce flexible. The Staff Augmentation service providers will avail temporary staff according to the contract, or if any instant requirement emerges. Have a look at some important benefits of Staff Augmentation:

  • Cost-saving on staff training as you bring in already trained people from outside
  • No need to take any liabilities for hired employees
  • It’s not necessary to pay bonuses, health insurance, and other allowances
  • You have the authority to increase/decrease the team size as per convenience
  • Your staff won’t feel insecure as they are not permanent employees
  • Practically, there is no contractor vs. employee scenario


Is Staff Augmentation Popular in IT Companies?

If you are concerned about the popularity of this service, our answer is a big YES. Many companies like Integrative Systems provide a dedicated team to many prominent & remote IT companies working in the field on IBM AS400 iSeries, .Net Development, JDA Merchandise Management System, and many more technologies. This is just one example that shows that IT companies recognize the importance of the staff augmentation model.


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