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Outsourcing is a feasible option when a company doesn’t have sufficient experience and expertise in a certain field or doesn’t want to invest too much of its resources in it. The time and expense associated with hiring can be greatly reduced through outsourcing. You get a ready-made team of IT professionals from your outsourcing partner. Therefore, you don’t need to stress about hiring in-house developers and paying them competitive salaries.

However, if you collaborate with the wrong outsourcing partner, it can make a lot of things go south. Let’s take a look at 6 common roadblocks to outsourcing software development and learn how to overcome them.

Overcome Outsourcing Custom Software Development Roadblocks
1. Finding a Reliable Software Development Outsourcing Company

2. Accurate Estimation of Software Development Project
(A) Ensure clarity on the requirements of the software development project
(B) Make ballpark estimations
(C) Steer clear of fixed-price software development projects

3. Service Quality Level of the Software Development Outsourcing Company

4. Key Individuals Quitting Before the Completion of the Development Project
(A) Run a complete background check
(B) Hire personnel with a stellar reputation
(C) Pay in line with industry standards

5. Cutting Development Costs Without Jeopardizing the Quality of the Services
(A) Price is not the top priority
(B) Hire in-house project managers

6. Prioritize Data Security and IP protection

Additionally, to prevent IP and data security risks, ensure the following:
1. Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the outsourced custom software development company (following your local IP laws) before disclosing any sensitive data.

2. Before signing an NDA contract with the custom software development provider, conduct research on independent review platforms. Such investigation should examine the software development service provider’s reputation and any prior violations of the intellectual property rights of its customers.

3. Additionally, you should look into the custom software development company’s internal risk management procedures. You must also verify their capacity to protect your intellectual property and how they would handle the situation in the event of an internal data security breach.

What Qualities Must an Excellent Software Development Outsourcing Company Possess?
1. Testimonials
2. Experience
3. Communication
4. Technical Proficiency

Integrative Systems Can Transform Your Vision into Reality!

You can build an expert team of IT developers and effectively plan the entire software development process with the help of a reputable software development outsourcing company. This is where Integrative Systems come into the picture. We are one of the best custom software development outsourcing companies in the USA and can help you turn your vision into reality. We have served clients from various industries worldwide.

We offer you over 20 years of industry experience, a vast talent pool, technical expertise, agile project management methodologies, and effective communication skills.

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