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Why are .net programmers in high demand? Are you also riddled with the same question? Let’s break the ice.

About 2,75,908 companies worldwide are using Microsoft. NET. "Of all the customers that are using Microsoft.NET, a majority (74%) are small (<$50m), 6%="" are="" large="" (="">$1000M) and 14% are medium-sized", according to enlyft.

With those numbers to advocate for the robustness, reliability, and scalability that Microsoft.NET brings to businesses of all shapes and sizes, what remains to be the reason to not choose .NET for your next project’s technology stack? Also, if your current IT ecosystem is Microsoft or your software is/are built using the DotNet framework, you will need expert .Net programmers to make progressive changes at some point. Let’s understand the nitty-gritty of how you can find and hire the best .net programmers for your project.

Let’s begin!

How to hire .net programmers with the right skills?

Step 1: Understand the expertise that you are going to need for your project
It is of great advantage to understand the project requirements precisely before you start looking out for the talent to be roped in. It’s a job of ease if you have the details of technical expertise you need and break down the positions to be filled, considering the requirements of the project.

Step 2: Balance the Hiring Requirement
Besides the clarity on the requirements, you also have got a set budget constraint to abide by. You can’t go for 10 full-stack developers who would eat up all your IT budget while the project has reached just halfway there. Neither can you go for a bunch of front-end and back-end developers, who might take forever to complete the project! So, what to do?

Step 3: Look Ahead of Technical Skills – Interpersonal Skills
Let’s look at some soft skills to vouch for while hiring a .net programmer:
1. Creativity
2. Communication Skills
3. Leadership

Why should you hire .NET programmers from Integrative Systems?
1. Certified Professionals
2. Expertise & Experience
3. Years in Service
4. Domain-Specific Expertise

Different engagement models, to hire .net developers with Integrative Systems?
1. Dedicated Team Model
2. Full-Service Dedicated Team
3. On-Demand Dedicated Team
4. Maintenance Dedicated Team
5. IT Staff Augmentation/ Off-Shore Dedicated Team Model
6. On-Site Dedicated Team

In the tech-enabled world, .NET programmers are not hard to find. What’s hard is to find the right set of .NET programmers who can understand your business problem, process it, and then build a business solution that solves the purpose.

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