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AS400 was initially introduced by IBM in 1988 and advertised as a family of easy-to-use software designed for small and mid-sized organizations. At the time of its introduction, IBM announced 1,000 software packages, which was the most significant application announcement in computers’ history. By 1997, IBM took the world by storm and shipped almost half-million AS/400s software. Furthermore, by 2000, the AS/400 was replaced by the IBM iSeries. Today, the OS is called IBM I, and the hardware is called Power Systems; many still prefer to call it AS/400 iSeries.

AS400 means “Application System 400”
1. AS400 is a multi-user, multitasking, and very secure System. This is the reason it is the first choice of industries looking to store sensitive data.
2. It is best suited for middle-level industries and is used in various verticals like — pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, banking, and financial organization.
3. IBM first introduced the AS/400 on June 21st, 1988, and later renamed it as iSeries in 2000, then in 2006, it was renamed System i. In 2008 again, it was upgraded and become a Power system.
4. Programming languages available for the AS/400- COBOL, C, C++, RPG, Java, SQL, etc.
5. AS400 is based on layered architecture and enables users to move to new computer hardware technology at any time, without interrupting their application programs.
6. AS400 can identify only the object types, i.e., all that can be stored or recovered on the System is known as an object.
7. Another feature of AS400 is that it is a very secure system that can store sensitive data. Moreover, it is not each to breach the security walls of IBM iSeries easily.

Defending AS400/iSeries can be frustrating and expensive at the same time. However, it is not necessarily to be. Integrative systems redefine AS/400 protection by effortlessly backing it up and everything in a company data environment.

Integrative Systems Offerings:
1. Eliminates expensive mainframe backup hardware, as we don’t involve any third-party tools for proprietary solutions. Integrative Systems management and protection of data is simple and straightforward.
2. Effortlessly uses Azure as your backup target: We solve your IBM AS/400 protection by eliminating costly mainframes and effortlessly using Azure as a backup solution.
3. Manage, protects, and enable bare-metal recovery: At Integrative, we manage, protect, and help bare-metal recovery, as it saves time and reduces costs, allowing the company to get its data back quickly.

Reasons Why Businesses Have Started Outsourcing IBM iSeries Support & Services:
1. Need for iSeries Expertise
2. iSeries Help Desk Support
3. Increase in Functionality of iSeries
4. Upgrade and Migration Challenges
5. Reduction in Operating Costs

Reasons Why IBM AS400 is still the right choice:
1. As stated earlier, the system is fully compatible, and it means it helps companies in cost saving by preventing costly code migrations at the time of platform upgrades.
2. AS400 is not known as a modern platform, but this is a myth. It’s a healthy mix of both, i.e., native and open-source development language that gives it the balance of modern and traditional
3. Having IBM software onboard, anybody doesn’t need to worry about the security of their database.
4. IBM i comes with four core servers, but it is scalable enough to handle up to 256 core servers.
5. And finally, in terms of reliability also IBM AS400 stands tall. The system is not known, for it is the longest-running time.

The Truth of IBM AS400 iSeries:
1. In 2022, IBM is celebrating 34 years of AS400 launching, and till now, they are going strong
2. Popular cloud services like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are also looking to boost capabilities with IBM AS400 to better solutions
3. Companies benefit from the hybrid cloud solution that combines system hardware and cloud-based software

Benefits of Having the Latest IBM iSeries Hardware and OS Platform:
1. You will get full support for any defect in hardware, operating system, and licensed program.
2. You can upgrade to the latest software release and applications quickly.
3. Hardware and operating system up-gradation will be fully supported, from point zero to the installation phase.
4. You will be able to take advantage of new features and new capabilities of hardware and OS.
5. In the absence of the latest services, hardware, and software defects will be repaired in more time, like 2 hours, 4 hours, or more time, depending upon the fault in the server. But having the latest hardware support on board will help you get the best services, in terms of time and effort and most importantly, 24/7.
6. By staying on current versions, you can quickly implement new software applications and features to meet future evolving needs.
7. If you wish to upgrade, you will have the option of hosting your application on the cloud platform.
8. You should be aware that in the long run, it is not too expensive to stay updated. If you are not on the upgraded version, you will do it later, which will cost you more.
9. With an upgrade facility, you will have alternatives in your field, but your choices will be limited with no support onboard.

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