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IBM always tries to keep it fresh. As in September 2021, IBM rolled out a brand-new IBM Power E1080 server. This server is one of the first in the family from IBM Power10.

When it comes to the IBM Power10 server, innovation is prioritized. While offering the latest capabilities, Power10 is superior to all that came before it.We can say that the IBM Power10 server is a superscalar, multithreaded, and multi-core processor based on an open-source Power ISA.

As a cherry on top, this is generally available on the E1080 enterprise across the globe.

To know about the IBM Power10 server in-depth, let us look at the key features.

The Availability and Scalability of IBM Power10

The Power10 servers are reliable, available, and scalable, amongst other things.

• The Open Memory Interface offers a new memory architecture.

Instead of using the standard DIMMS in x86 systems, Power10 uses the OMI-attached advanced memory.

As per IBM’s claim, Power10 DDIMMS would deliver two times the availability and reliability of the industry standard DIMMs.

The latest DDIMMS also has the buffered memory architecture specific to each DDIMM. This prevents any system outages whenever there is a failure.

And with the use of E1080, you can expect the memory bandwidth to go up to 400 gigabits per second per socket.

• Via cabling, the backplane replacement failures can be minimized.

Basically, the SMP cabling system has been upgraded to enable passive and internal cables. You can use these on the fabric busses to connect processors between the drawers and within them too.

Also, the signals are no longer routed via the CEC backplane. This enhances the system’s reliability as the probability of main system backplane replacement reduces.

The new cabling helps robust deallocation and repair of the SMP cables. This keeps the system up and running despite cable defects. In case errors keep on occurring on the bus, the system could transfer to a half bandwidth mode.

• An increase in the reliability factor is also possible through clock restructuring.

In this, a new design for outdated processor clocks helps. As Power10 keeps the redundant clocks, it does not need processor modules in each CEC drawer to be in sync. The new design would enhance the stability of the processor clock. protection against viruses, ransomware, compliance, and multi-factor authentication, etc.

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