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Around 16000 banks around the world rely on the IBM AS400 iSeries system because IBM iSeries can address the needs of banks indisputably and offer flexible and cost saving solutions. You must have read about AS400 in our previous blog. The system is known for its security, reliability, and availability, and it supports multiple operating systems on a single system. If you are looking to expand your core banking solutions, you must consider IBM AS400 iSeries. This blog explains how software addresses the challenges that banks face and will bring value to your business.

IBM AS400 iSeries in Banking Sector

The IBM AS400 iSeries system has the world’s most diverse portfolio for banking solutions. It offers unparalleled freedom to bank executives for choosing the best applications for their banking needs.

IBM AS400 provides integrated, secure capabilities to help banks grow cost-effectively. IBM AS400 is meant to streamline banking infrastructure and operations, so banks can save money and invest in expanding themselves in the industry. This blog from Integrative Systems explains why IBM AS400 iSeries is a unique system to run banking solutions. We have written this blog for bank executives and other IT experts in the banking sector looking for an extra-ordinary solution to solve banking challenges.

IBM iSeries solved lots of challenges for banks, such as – driving down business cost, increasing revenue, addressing government regulations and business continuity. Today, the banking industry is facing a lot of challenges collectively, and those challenges are causing a huge hurdle in the banking business.

The IBM AS400 system is savior, as it is helps banks maintain their complex business demands within a streamlined business environment. IBM iSeries is well known for its security, and in comparison, to other available options, the safety of AS400 is easy to implement and manage. With IBM AS400 on-board, banks can secure their business records, client data, and transactions against inside and outside breaches. The technology will prevent customer data tampering and will also reduce the risk of fraud – which is the most important operational aspect for a bank.

How IBM AS400 iSeries Address the Challenges of the Banking Sector?

IBM AS400 iSeries are specially designed with all necessary modules like operating system, hardware, security, storage, and middleware to support a bank process. All the modules are thoroughly tested, and IBM ensures that all the functions work seamlessly and cohesively before releasing them into the market for bank use.

IBM has an extensive group of independent software vendors that provide AS400 solutions. Moreover, the reliability and security of IBM systems are well known, and that is why 16000+ banks worldwide rely on IBM AS400 iSeries for their business process. The reason behind this overall success is unmatched support from IBM to the banks.

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