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10 Things About .Net Development You Probably Don’

Microsoft wanted to solve all types of problems for developers using a single platform, so they created the .NET development framework.

The .NET platform has been actively used for web, mobile applications, and desktops for more than two decades. It has been in use at both enterprise and start-up levels.

.NET can be defined as a free, open-source platform that helps construct separate apps and serverless functions. Using .NET, all your project files and the codes seem similar irrespective of the type of the app. You can access the same API, language, and run-time.

Undoubtedly, .NET is essential for the software development industry. While .NET development is already quite famous, it has been grabbing more attention since the .NET 5. This pioneers the concept of universal software development.

So, let us try to learn more about .NET development by looking at three important things you likely did not know.

Types of Application Development

Most tech companies utilize the strength of the Microsoft .NET development platform to construct dynamic client-side and server-side applications. The desirability of the .NET development platform is because of the wide range of features present in it. Before we understand the types of applications that you can create using .NET., let us take a quick look at these features:

  • .NET is cross-platform. This means that you can create .NET applications on numerous operational systems. .NET is compatible with over seven operating systems.
  • .NET is open source. This means that it used MIT and Apache 2 licenses. It is a project on the .NET foundation.
  • .NET works through Microsoft on Windows, macOS, and Linux. There are regular updates for quality and security. This update is monthly and happens on the second Tuesday.

Several applications can be devised via the .NET development platform. These types of applications are:

Web Applications

Via the Microsoft .NET development process, you can build web apps with interoperable functionality with other platforms. This cross-platform functionality makes the .NET development much more desirable compared to other development processes out there.

The web applications evolve with a higher focus on good design and robust features. Upon developing with the .NET developer, the default choices are ASP .NET Core and ASP .NET MVC.

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