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Developing custom software is not a small task, and to be honest, the cost of developing custom software can be daunting. Don’t let your accounting problems get in the way of completing quality software projects with a reputable and experienced team.

Many budget-conscious companies have taken advantage of customized software solutions to take their business to new heights. You have to think about how some factors like technical feasibility, design, and complexity can increase or decrease the cost of software development. By doing this, you can estimate how much you will spend on the total project and decide the cost-cutting factors.

Realistic budgeting is essential for completing a custom software development project, whether you are designing software for internal use or custom software applications for marketing and sales.

Custom Software Development

Factors to Consider When Creating Budget for Software Development

Not every software project is the same, and each project comes with its requirements which ultimately determine the cost of developing the software. Have a look at some of the factors to consider when accounting for your next custom software development project:

1. Size

Think of your software project like a shopping cart. A cart full of goods will be more expensive than a cart with one or two things. In software development, each item in the shopping cart represents a screen. The more screens you add to your cart, the higher the development cost.

So, what is a screen? The screen is what the user sees while interacting with your software application. It can be the home page, open menu, popup, etc. While some functions are often integrated into your mind, they may require more work and money than expected because they require additional screens to display to the user.

For example, the login page and the password change page are usually thought of as parallels, but the truth is that they are two different screens with entirely different functions. So, both will come with their price tag.

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