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The IBM iSeries is a mid-range server developed to fit data storage and computing requirements for businesses. Since its launch, the system has undergone several enhancements and IBM has consistently invested in reinvigorating and delivering new capabilities on the iSeries platform, and most importantly customers are taking advantage of these cutting-edge technologies to deliver new business services. Further, on account of this, IBM iSeries systems and software applications can be integrated with variant networks other native applications, web and mobile applications with the help of advanced programming methods such as ILE, C++, Java, PHP, web services, etc.

One key aspect that we personally believe kept this system highly competitive during the last three decades is its underlying robust architecture and its world-class integration abilities. This underlying architecture of the system is not an add-on feature of the system but was an inherent aspect of the operating system from day one.

The AS400 was revolutionary in its inception and was considerably more affordable compared to other platforms, and since then IBM has delivered advanced computing platforms – AS400e, iSeries, System i, and IBM i platforms from that robust platform. But none of these advancements would matter if businesses would be hindered in embracing these new offerings, and that is why we think, the AS400 is such a remarkable product. Businesses could still run their existing databases and applications and at the same time quickly and cost-effectively leverage the new technological advancements. Can you think of any other platforms, with these inherent strengths? we definitely don’t think so.

There are over 100,000 companies that rely on IBM AS400/iSeries to power their mission-critical applications. Here are the top reasons that could help you decide on your future investments in the iSeries platform.

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