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Created in 1988, AS400 ERP is software that serves as a mid-range server. Developed by IBM, this software is the foundation for a plethora of businesses globally. 

While there are various other software’s out there that are more modern than AS400/iSeries, but this software still works exquisitely with most business requirements and is first choice of businesses.

Along with AS400 ERP, you may have also come across names like iSeries ERP, IBMi, and System i. Each of these things is the same with a different name. The reason IBM uses different names is to prompt branding.

AS400 or AS400 ERP is dynamic. With primary uses lying in the development of JAVA application, web and eCommerce hosting, and data warehousing, AS400 is all you need for your business to do well.

Let us dive into the depths of AS400 ERP software to understand its benefits and much


What is IBM As400 ERP?

The IBM AS400 ERP was designed as an integrated product consisting of hardware and

software. The hardware is the AS400, and the software is the operating system called OS400.

While AS400 ERP was originally released in 1988, and it did not become obsolete because IBM kept on upgrading both the hardware and the software over the years.

Not just that, IBM also worked on their branding to rename the product to align it with

the latest market needs.

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