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Have you heard of the latest security features of IBMi RCAC? 

Every data resource is susceptible to theft or tampering in today’s hacker-infested world. Data protection can be expensive but being hacked is even more so.

This is where the AS400 iSeries Row and Column Access Control (RCAC) comes in!

IBMi RCAC is essential because several companies are looking for effective solutions to regulate security, specifically database security.

IBMi RCAC enables database security managers to restrict who can access information in the database. Even better is that most of these security features can be enabled without requiring any changes to the software applications themselves.

In this blog, you will learn why it is necessary to use IBMi RCAC and the several benefits it offers.

Why Use Row and Column Access Control?

Data must be protected in every business firm, and only users authorized to access that data should be able to access it. Based on the employment position, several information segments should not be accessible.

Of course, one could apply SQL Views to a database, but this needlessly complicates and notifies users that there may be information that is not available. It also increases the difficulty of maintaining the database.

Application logic could be employed, but it has a host of problems. However, a person might walk inside the tables and see all restricted data with either views or access permissions.

This is not a good situation!

Consequently, for ease of usage and implementation, we require Row and Column Access Control.

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