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Report Program Generator (or RPG) is a high-end programming language used by businesses to develop commercial applications and have many more uses. This is IBM’s proprietary programming language, and most versions of it can only be accessed on IBMi or OS/400-based systems. 

Even today, RPG is a prevalent programming language on the IBM AS400 iSeries operating system. RPG IV (also known as ILE RPG) is the latest version of RPG and is a tool that provides a competent programming environment for IBM AS400 RPG programmers.

AS400 RPG Programmer

IBM iSeries programmers (or AS400 RPG programmers) are specially trained professionals to use RPG programming language and solve problems. AS400 application development companies typically hire RPG programmers to create code that can be integrated into business processes to ensure a high level of performance.

A RPG programmer can perform a variety of tasks, from creating new code to ensuring proper maintenance of existing software code (although existing code may look slightly different inversions of RPG code). If you are considering hiring an RPG programmer, connect with Integrative Systems. As the RPG developers from Integrative can help you with:

  • Analyze, design, develop and maintain IBM AS400 iSeries written in various languages, including RPG, RPG ILE, RPG-free, and SQL.
  • Create technical documentation and develop pseudo code.
  • Either create new RPG codes or augment existing ones.
  • It can also troubleshoot your business process to diagnose the problems.
  • Debug any existing software to identify and fix the problem
  • Apply new code to existing programs and fix bugs.

RPG Development Tools

Nitro AutoCode 

Nitro AutoCode automatically generates client and server-side source code, which you can run directly without modification or further customization and optimization.

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