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AS400 came into existence in 1988. Since then, many different computer systems have come into being. While some may argue that AS400 ERP is dead, it is not in the form of IBM iSeries.

Even today, AS400/iSeries systems are very reliable and robust. Most companies that use AS400 and iSeries do so because the software and hardware perform well even now.

Yet, one may say that the current technologies offer more benefits, with more versatile ERP, that can help in modernization. Within the AS400 ERP system, this can be attained with even less risk and most minor invasion.

When AS400’s journey started in 1988, it was seen as a powerful combination of software and hardware. It had its operating system, namely 0S400.

In the current day, when we say AS400, we refer to the entire IBM product range, modified over the years. This includes Power Systems with the operating system IBM.

Still, exactly what makes IBM iSeries AS400 one of the most reliable and simple frameworks.

Let us try to find out.

IBM iSeries AS400 Use in Business

With numerous companies still operating on IBM iSeries AS400 globally, this computer system has created a legacy.

The answer to why so many businesses rely on AS400 ERP is:

  • IBM has given assured compatibility to help run software written many years ago. The update is constant to meet the ever-changing requirements of the latest power systems.
  • Thousands of companies run their high-priority applications on AS400 ERP hardware. These often involve workloads that are data-intense and demanding. They are high volume. Yet, IBM supports the platform well.
  • The companies that follow the same business processes appear mundane to the modern-day professionals as they wish for intuitive, role-optimized, and modern applications. For the primary users, the idea of how intuitive the system is does not have much value. Yet, IT workloads and high dependency on IT support due to the AS400 system is always raised.

Irrespective, the use of AS400 ERP in any business relies highly on the kind of business.

  • At present, the modernization of AS400 ERP is possible. It can also be done with very minimal risk. IT services and cloud-hosting providers can move AS400 workloads to the cloud, including Microsoft Azure. This helps companies shift their legacy systems to the cloud. Yet, the usability does not change much in the cloud, and certain expert management is still needed.

The uses of AS400 ERP are varied. Since many businesses still rely on this system to sustain their business operations, it is crucial.

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