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IBM had discontinued the services of its historical reporting offering, i.e., PM400, on 30th September 2020. What does it mean for the loyal group of customers and other service providers who depend upon the PM400? Anyone who has previously relied on the old but trusted AS400 systems offering will experience a break. After discontinuing this, they will not produce the same results, and the recording of historical data will stop. If you are one of those, feeling a little lost, go through the post as we have suggested some next steps.

What is IBM Performance Management (PM400)?

PM400 used IBM AS400 systems collection services data, which is simplified by default and runs softly and effectively in the background ahead of the data being transferred to an IBM server where it is inhabited. Here users can view, interrogate, and report valuable and historical data through a web browser. As of now, users have access to this data, but it’s still unknown for how long this service will be available with IBM AS400 systems.

Performance management for power systems was an exceptionally automated facility service where users feel like they are on autopilot mode. And now it’s the appropriate time to re-examine the strategy you’re reporting on and determine which system will help you to do the job better. PM400 uses IBM AS400 applications and automated performance analysis, capacity planning programs, performance analysis reports, and graphs that enable the users to analyze performance and data capability without providing the actual time associated with the collection of data and preparation of data.

Moreover, a helpdesk from IBM AS400 consultants was available to make the skilled specialist available on call daily. (As per charges) All the services provided include a customer satisfaction guarantee, and help is offered to protect customer investment.

Benefits of PM400:

  • Non-techie users can easily understand detailed graphs and reports and easily understandable AS400 systems performance and capacity issues.
  • IBM AS400 services specialists were available to assist and recommend changes where system performance can be improved.
  • Increased AS400 systems performance and enhanced user productivity.
  • Decreased the involvement of technical staff in performance management tasks.
  • PM400 protected the user investment with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Increased system performance and better resource planning ensure investment is optimized.
  • Trend analysis information-enabled customers to join for AS400 system needs.
  • Optimized system performance to concentrate on business objectives.

Advantages of Performance Management for Power Systems (PM400)


PM400 improves the customer’s ability to manage the AS400 systems by performing manual tracking and recording the completed tasks weekly and monthly. This process is done to maintain optimal system performance and plan capability requirements. PM400 eliminates the need for system analysts to detect the time required for preparing a performance analysis on an ongoing basis. Moreover, it also allows users to specify the weekdays and hourly periods on which data will be collected.


PM400 helps users maintain high-level performance on their AS400 systems consistently and help them keep productivity at the top level. The performance analysis report provides a graphic representation of the system’s current activities that allow an analyst to figure out areas of problem in the process. Furthermore, trend analysis will enable customers to plan for business growth and expansion while maintaining the performance of IBM AS400 systems.


Irrespective of choosing the month or year of the annual report, PM400 decreases the involvement in execution and capability management. Time saved in this process will help customers to concentrate on business operations in a better way. Performance analysis report (PM400) will also provide valuable trend as per future business needs. Detailed performance and capacity analysis will be available to provide better assistance in helping customers to provide better assistance.


PM400 is an IBM AS400 systems improved service solution meant for users who are looking for support in performance and capacity planning management. PM400 is designed in a way so that the services can be used by all the AS400 consultants and customers, regardless of experience with AS400. PM400 is designed to complement existing support and review system performance and receive recommendations to keep their AS400 system running efficiently.

Is there a Replacement for IBM PM400?

Genuinely if you want to replace PM400, you will need help from a third-party company to replace PM400. The company will need to gather the historical data split across the files. PM400 data is generally stored somewhere on an IBM server, and you will lose access to it at some stages when replacing the service.


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