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IBM AS400/iseries is one of the most robust systems in the world. Out of all the application servers, IBM AS400 operating system has an incredible – uptime rate of 99.97%. That is why it is one of the most reliable and secure methods for every vertical.

Even after three decades with more than seven lakhs+ application systems, as400/iseries is installed in over 150 countries. The current AS400 programmers are not generally enthusiastic about replacing IBM AS400 / i-series with something else, which is yet to prove it’s worth. The importance of the IBM AS400 i-series system has increased a few notches higher for enterprises, as it’s working well and able to avoid the necessity of yet-to-prove new technologies.

Newcomers need to know that the IBM AS400 / i-series platform is the best business tool for over 30 years. And the fully integrated database of IBM AS400 iseries comes with full system logging via journals that cannot be accomplished by any other system.

Furthermore, IBM AS400 / i-series is fully compatible, and the upward compatibility of AS400 software protects your revenue by avoiding costly code migrations at the time of platform update. Many organizations that purchased IBM AS400 i-series web services years ago continue to refer it due to this seamless compatibility.

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