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Unsurprisingly, businesses that embraced BI solutions have witnessed an exhilarating 127% ROI within 3 years only. - Tableau.

What's surprising is the reality that many businesses are struggling with serious BI illiteracy and over 97% underutilized valuable data. This untapped potential could be the key to reaching the newer heights they've been seeking for their business.

Do you struggle to make sense of your complex data sets?

Do you find it difficult to derive meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions?

And not least of all, do you genuinely understand where your data stands?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, there is a high possibility that you have some rough waters ahead.


With the expert help of a reliable business intelligence consultancy by your side, the waters can become a breeze.


Let's say, you have an extensive volume of data that can help you spot patterns, predict future demands, spot shortcomings, and improve decision-making.

And you are using one of the most used BI tools - Power BI, but without the right support, your team of Power BI professionals could only scratch the surface of its potential, not knowing the hidden gem that was lying beneath the surface.

With expert help from Power BI Consulting services provider, you will -

  • Boost operational accuracy by 3X
  • Find faster answers using the data
  • Automate complex manual reports
  • Turn raw data and actionable insights

Get rid of legacy reporting third-party tools, and much more.

Hiring a business intelligence consultant doesn't just bring in the good stuff. It helps kick out the roadblocks that are holding your business back.

Let’s understand these challenges deeply and how Microsoft Power BI consulting services translate them into solutions.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the common Business Intelligence hurdles that severely affect your BI outcomes and how business intelligence consultancy prevents or resolves them.

Challenge 1 Struggling with Tailored Reports and Dashboards

Report creation is a critical task for many. If you are struggling with creation of customized reports, you are not alone.

The human effort involved in collecting data from multiple channels in different formats, analyzing the captured data, and ensuring data hygiene, directly impacts your decision-making.

Thus, you must invest in data cleaning, modeling, and structuring to efficiently enjoy business intelligence capabilities.

When you hire business intelligence consultants, they replace the intricate process of report and dashboard creation with a simplified automated, and effective approach.

The Microsoft Power BI consulting services leverage Power BI's ability to handle large volumes of data and bring the entire data on a single platform.

The business intelligence consultancy not only eliminates human intervention but also unlocks instant and accurate report generation for your team.

The result? You no longer have to doubt the credibility of the reports or watch your team clock in hours on creation.

Challenge 2 Compromised Reliability Due to Complex Data Integration

Are you grappling with compromised reliability due to the complexities of data integration?

Seamless data integration plays an important role in business intelligence allowing you to easily access the data and make the right decision. 

The complex and inefficient integration process leads to data inaccuracy and unreliability, thereby leading to distrust of the decisions made based on it.

By roping in the right Power BI consulting firm, you enjoy a complete data integration transformation. The experts take the burden off your shoulders by simplifying the complex process without compromising your data's accuracy.

The result? You and your Business Intelligence team are empowered to make wholesome data-driven decisions with confidence.

Challenge 3 Poor Data Quality and Cleansing

Is your data quality and cleansing process falling short, leading to challenges in maintaining accurate and reliable information?

Here is an interesting fact: Data inaccuracies have caused American businesses to lose over $109 billion yearly, says Accenture.

Data quality is a deciding factor for the success of your business intelligence project. Your project relies on consistent, high-quality, and timely data that can provide reliable insights for effective decision-making.

With limited expertise, resource constraints, and a lack of dedicated tools, you continue to struggle with subpar data quality.

By leveraging business intelligence consultancy, you easily overcome the obstacles.

The power bi consultants ensures the optimum quality of your data by implementing robust data quality processes, leveraging modern tools and methods, cleansing and standardizing the data, and ensuring the desired accuracy and reliability.

The result? You no longer have to wait on unfiltered data to derive instant actionable insights. Moreover, by focusing solely on decision-making, you and your team can drive strategic initiatives with speed, grab new opportunities, and get a better return on investment.

Challenge 4 Unfit Performance Optimization

Do you often see slow BI reports that take 5 seconds to 15seconds, or even more to load the visual which makes them absolutely distressing?

This is why performance optimization is exceptionally important.

Without BI performance optimization, you will continuously struggle to achieve faster report loading times and experience a cherishing user experience. This results into inefficient business intelligence experience.

The Power BI consulting services partner ensures that your BI reports are prepared for seamless operations.

The business intelligence consultancy assesses the performance and implements tried and tested methodologies for robust, speedy, and responsive visualizations.

The result? Your team experiences the power of quicker and more agile BI reports for faster and learned decision-making.

Challenge 5 Vulnerable Security and Compliance

Are you struggling to ensure the airtight security of your BI tools exposed to potential vulnerabilities and compliance issues?

In the absence of robust BI security measures, your tool can expose discreet information such as customer data, health records, or intellectual property to unauthorized access, thievery, or misuse.

Many of the risks are the byproduct of constant data movement. Anything that stays unautomated within a protected platform is prone to human error or leaks.

The Microsoft Power BI consulting services enable you to create personalized dashboards and reports with a 360-degree view that are highly secured.

While you are busy climbing new business heights leveraging the insights, your business intelligence bi consultant implements flawless security measures to protect your valuable data from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse.

The result? Your data is totally locked down, and 100% secure unless your pet discovers how to hack the system.

In conclusion

You can enjoy double power and double impact of Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI by partnering with a Power BI consulting services provider.

The BI consulting service partners of your choice are no less than superheroes of the business intelligence world, swamping your everyday challenges, and guiding you through the complex landscape while ensuring that your journey is productive and successful.

Their insights also give rise to unrealized business ideas, higher operational efficiency, new opportunities for expansion, and more.

However, choosing the right Power BI consulting services partner who prioritizes your success, truly understands your business needs, and delivers the promises is just as important.

As you embark on you journey with Power BI, we, at Integrative Systems will take immense pride in becoming Power BI consulting services partner of your choice.

We are a certified Microsoft partner who helps you unleash the true power of Power BI and solve your data analytics challenges.

Contact our experts at and we shall get back to you in next 2 business days.

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