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In the world of business technology, AS400 systems have long been the spine for many industries, providing reliable computing power. However, as technology evolves many businesses face challenges in maintaining legacy systems.

Is your business in need of AS400 support & services?


Are you currently in a dilemma about whether to opt for AS400 support services?

If you are related to these questions, AS400 supports the picture there are AS400 services to help you to achieve your business goals faster.

AS400 support services enclose a range of offerings for the seamless operation, security, and optimization of AS400 systems. From technical service to routine maintenance, to address the unique challenges posed by legacy infrastructure.

In this blog post, we will delve into the IBM AS400 support services and discuss how they can help you rapidly achieve your business goals. 

While also improving process efficiency and IT infrastructure. Let's take a closer look at the challenges faced by technology leaders:

Legacy System Compatibility:

Modern technology integration may lead to legacy system compatibility issues. Expert support is crucial for seamless integration.

Limited Skill Pool:

The scarcity of professionals familiar with AS400 systems can be addressed by engaging with support services that offer a skilled workforce can address this talent gap.

High Maintenance Costs:

Infrastructure maintenance for AS400 can be expensive. Comprehensive support helps manage costs for a cost-effective approach to system upkeep.

Lack of Vendor Support:

Older versions of AS400 are the discontinuation of vendor support, which can create vulnerabilities. To bridge this gap, AS400 support services offer continue service, including critical updates and security patches. 

Performance Bottlenecks:

Outdated infrastructure may lead to performance bottlenecks. However, AS400 support includes performance tuning to optimize functionality and overcome operational inefficiencies. 

Dependency on Outdated Software:

Relying on outdated software due to compatibility constraints can be risky. AS400 support facilitates the adoption of newer versions, which can enhance system security and efficiency.

Why is AS400 Support a Good Investment?

In a dynamic business landscape, AS400 support gives you the confidence to unlock the full potential of your AS400 system.

Every business needs a successful website that runs smoothly. If you experience any website errors, you need a quick and reliable solution. 

This is when AS400 support comes into the picture with a sense of relief. The support professionals leverage their knowledge and resolve the issue as you can feel the burden lifted off your shoulders, knowing that your AS400 operations are in capable hands.

Thus, AS400 support services have proven to be a worthy investment for your business.

Are you aware that many business leaders are strategically outsourcing IBM AS400 support after realizing its critical importance?

Let’s uncover the WHY.

Why Businesses Have Started Outsourcing IBM AS400 Support?

The IBM iSeries platform is used by over 150,000 companies worldwide to manage their operations, as highlighted by many sources.

As more companies turn to outsourcing their IBM iSeries operations, some businesses have a clear vision of operating without it. But let's understand the importance of outsourcing AS400 support services.

There are many benefits of outsourcing AS400 Support, that's why companies are choosing to outsource it:

  1. Need for iSeries Expertise: AS400 experts are the younger generation and veterans are planning to retire soon.
  2. iSeries Help Desk Support: From the perspective of iSeries leaders, help desk support is necessary to tackle their iSeries challenges. 
  3. Increase in Functionality of iSeries: Outsourcing IBM AS400 support services provides the required support to the legacy system for modern functionalities, such as scalability improvements, bigger data management, and integration of cloud services. 
  4. Upgrade and Migration Challenges: Challenges related to upgrading and migration are key factors behind the outsourcing of IBM AS400 services.
  5. Reduction in Operating Costs: IT project cost is a major factor in deciding the company’s ROI. Business leaders have been looking for strategic moves to reduce project costs and boost ROI. 

Without AS400 Support Services, What Will Happen to Your Business?

As technology evolves, maintaining legacy systems becomes more challenging. Imagine businesses operating without critical AS400 support services.

In such a case, your business may experience a wide range of challenges and potential setbacks. AS400 systems are critical components for many businesses, and without proper support, they can face serious issues. 

  • Challenges in scaling the system.
  • Downtime, owing to unresolved issues.
  • System instability and poor user experience
  • Struggle in implementing the necessary upgrades.
  • Slow processing of AS400 iSeries system and reduced efficiency
  • Vulnerable system due to lack of necessary updates and patches

The absence of AS400 support services could expose your business to operational disruptions, security vulnerabilities, and challenges in adapting to the dynamic demands of the business landscape.

Having emphasized the need for a third-party service provider, let’s talk about the need for the best AS400 solutions partner.

See How Integrative Systems Puts You Ahead of the Game

We possess a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in AS400 iSeries technology, which enables us to anticipate challenges, provide custom solutions, and address your specific requirements. 

From the moment we engage with your business to tying the final knots of the project, we undertake a value-driven collaboration. Here is an overview of our thorough support process for AS400: 

1. We assess your AS400 ecosystem and develop a practical integration plan. 

2. We implement 24/7 monitoring tools to optimize and enhance performance. 

3. We ensure that the AS400 support services are scalable and that the AS400 setup is future-proofed to handle emerging technologies. 

4. We provide prompt support to address any AS400 iSeries-related issues to minimize downtime. 

5. We regularly seek ways to optimize resources while improving quality.

As an IBM Silver Business Partner and listed in INC 5000, we have assisted clients from different industries in getting the best out of their AS400 systems. 

At Integrative Systems, we offer reliable IBM AS400 services to enterprises. If you are searching for a reliable partner, feel free to contact us anytime.

Engaging Integrative Systems for technical support is more effective than hiring in-house personnel. To learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Connect with our experts today!

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