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Are you wondering if your business could benefit from the AS400 operating system?

Well, for companies that need a reliable and secure framework to operate mission-critical applications, it is especially an ideal investment. The AS400 operating system is developed for medium- to large-sized companies. It is a platform that offers a lot of versatility along with a broad spectrum of software applications to serve various organizational needs.

What Are the Different Types of AS400 Operating Software that Businesses Use?

The AS400 operating system is a powerful platform for businesses that seek a reliable and versatile computing ecosystem. The following are some of the popular AS400 software applications used by businesses in all industries:
1. ERP Software
2. Database Software
3. Financial Software
4. Security Software
5. Accounting Software

AS400 Accounting Software Overview

The AS400 accounting software is a technological solution that is built to manage financial and accounting operations on the AS400 IBM i platform. It equips organizations with a comprehensive set of advanced capabilities for handling invoicing, payroll, and other accounting tasks, as well as financial transactions.

By integrating with other applications, the software enables companies to automate their business processes. As a result, companies can increase operational effectiveness, minimize human error, and cut costs and time spent on manual tasks.

Critical Features of AS400 Accounting Software
1. General Ledger
2. Payroll Management
3. Budgeting and Forecasting
4. Accounts Payable
5. Inventory Management
6. Compliance with Regulations
7. Financial Reporting
8. Fixed Assets

Benefits of Leveraging the AS400 Accounting Software
1. Accessibility
2. Security
3. Scalability
4. Seamless Integration
5. Reliability
6. Multi-currency Support
7. Automation
8. Customization
9. Cost Savings
10. Accuracy

Build a Customized AS400 Accounting System with Integrative Systems

Integrative Systems is an AS400 development company whose primary goal is to help you transform your vision into reality by providing you with excellent AS400 software development and support services.

Our in-house AS400 development team boasts technical expertise and experience in designing and creating high-end AS400 software solutions for various industries, domains, and verticals.

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