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Has your business recently felt the need for Microsoft Teams consultancy services as a result of some of the challenges posed by Microsoft Teams? Work has become a lot more streamlined thanks to Microsoft Teams, which also empowers businesses globally to be more efficient, collaborate effectively, and maintain constant communication with our teammates.

Organizations are completely on board with remote work becoming the new norm. Especially nowadays, when it’s difficult to collaborate and stay constantly connected while working remotely, Microsoft Teams is a must-have software solution.

However, using any digital tool for collaboration has its drawbacks.

Microsoft Teams has been a widely used online collaboration tool over the past couple of years, but supporting remote work environments comes with its own set of challenges. Businesses leveraged the platform to adjust to novel situations without considering how this software solution would turn out for their company in the long run.

So, how are companies supposed to handle the common pitfalls of Microsoft Teams when the application has been adopted and implemented in multiple ways? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common Microsoft Teams challenges along with their possible solutions.

Let’s dive in!

6 Pitfalls of Using the Microsoft Teams Software Solution and Their Possible Resolutions
Here are 6 common challenges that users face while using the Microsoft Teams platform and their possible resolutions:

1. Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management
(A) Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) P1

2. Integrating Microsoft Teams with Cloud Storage
(A) Cloud Storage Incorporation

3. Unauthorized Guest Access
(A) Admin Center

4. External Sharing
(A) SharePoint Admin Center

5. Teams Sprawl
(A) Define the Usability Criteria of Teams and Communicate them to Your Employees

6. File Management
(A) Upload Files to Folders

Hire Integrative Systems for Microsoft Teams Consulting Services

Coming so far, it is clear that employing Microsoft Teams comes with its own set of challenges, and addressing them can be a tricky business. However, if you hire Microsoft Teams consultancy services, you can easily train your employees on Microsoft Teams implementation the right way.

Integrative Systems is one of the best Microsoft Teams consulting companies in Chicago, with years of industry experience and expertise. We offer superior Microsoft Teams consulting services, and our Microsoft Teams consulting team is completely armed to help you handle all your troubles immediately.

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