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In today's business world, are you making the most of your AS400 system?

Originally, businesses employed AS400 as a rock of reliability and stability, securing sensitive information, with simplified management.

Fast-forward to the dynamic present, it is more than a guardian of your data and a castle of dependability.

With AS400 integration services, you can multiply the AS400 benefits by

-          unleashing operational efficiency

-          empowering decision-makers with data-points

-          becoming a catalyst for improved customer experience

In addition, it is also serving businesses as a strategic move to increase Return on Investment (ROI).

No wonder, the market for application modernization is predicted to reach USD 24.8 billion by 2025, as per Markets and Markets.

How does the AS400 Integration Services Translate to Increased ROI?

Operational Efficiency

AS400 integration is a pivotal tool to make your operations run faster and smoother.

Think of it as a supercharger of your business, making it run effortlessly. It gives your business a boost of power to operate with greater speed, resulting in improved efficiency, and ultimately leading to better ROI.

To dig deeper, here is an example of how an online delivery company can avail of iSeries AS400 solutions & services: The integration seamlessly allows the company to manage orders, inventory, and routes which accelerates deliveries, ensuring timely service. This speed impresses the customers, resulting in repeat customers and boosting ROI through increased orders and better & faster quality of service.

Real-Time Insights

Imagine gaining the power of real-time insights that bring every aspect of your business to your fingertips. With this superpower, you can anticipate challenges, spot trends, respond promptly, seize new opportunities, and much more.

To understand it better, here’s an example of how an eCommerce business can benefit from iSeries AS400 Solutions & Services: Imagine an e-commerce giant, armed with real-time insights. During the peak season sale, AS400 integration swiftly enables the decision-makers to spot an increase in demand for a category of smartwatches. This insight triggers them to increase the stock of smartwatches, adjust promotions, and ensure they make the most of the trend.

This prompt insight not only boosts sales but also improves customer happiness and increases its market dominance in the vast e-commerce landscape.

Customer Experience

The customer is the king.

Thus, customer experience stands supreme in the category. You are probably aware that better customer experience is directly proportionate to better ROI. Now, let's dig deeper into this correlation.

AS400 integration services come to your aid throughout the buyer's journey.

The powerful AS400 integration capabilities ensure data accuracy, and process efficiency. It streamlines interaction, allows you to evaluate the potential buyer and crafts personalized ads, that become a competitive advantage. This advantage not only leads to better sales but also fosters loyalty among prospective customers.

Thus, modern iSeries AS400 services are directly related to better ROI.

Agility in Business

Empowering your AS400 system with integration services does more than modernizing your business; it instills a newer level of agility in your operations. It's like a powerful pair of wings, navigating the ever-evolving landscape with agility.

Imagine this scenario: A mid-sized healthcare hospital holds its patient records, billing, and inventory management using the AS400 system. When the sudden demand for medical supplies spikes, the management can instantly gauge the stock, optimize delivery, and ensure seamless patient care. This agile response assures consistent and timely medical attention, fostering trust in the hospital's services and ultimately boosting its ROI.

Cost Savings

AS400 integration boosts profitability and improves ROI. How?

It unlocks seamless data flow and enables real-time decision-making and precise inventory management.

Automated processes reduce manual errors and result in cost and time-saving.

Hence, the iSeries AS400 Solutions & Services serve as a profit booster, driving ROI across all facets of your organization.

Let's see how a travel agency can achieve its ROI goals with AS400 iSeries solutions: The integrated AS400 unlocks the door to better customer management, seamless coordination of bookings, and even payment optimization. It also enhances real-time notifications and optimizes payment operations while maintaining dynamic pricing. This improved efficiency makes the brand stand apart with higher customer satisfaction and improved sales, ultimately lifting its ROI. 

Compliance and Security

In the digital age, cyber-attacks and data thefts have created havoc among customers, businesses, and decision-makers. Its consequences go far beyond financial loss and compromise your enterprise and customer's valuable privacy. AS400 iSeries solutions come armed with vigilance, robust defenses, and proactive measures to protect your wealth of data.

Let's consider a national bank integrating AS400 integration to protect its sensitive customer information from smart cyber attackers: It gives a sense of faith to customers, leading to an increase in customer loyalty, referrals, and better business. Thus, AS400 integration's data protection capability serves as a catalyst for ROI growth and a respectable bank.

So, you’re convinced that AS400 integration is the way to elevate profitability and bolster ROI. 

But where do you start?

You can easily avail the benefits of AS400 integration services with the support of qualified AS400 integration experts.

They bridge the gap between AS400 iSeries solutions and your business, design an ideal solution, guide you with the best, and unlock the utmost potential of this robust tool.

Final Thoughts

Here we have outlined 6 compelling reasons to embrace AS400 integration services to experience a boost in your ROI. 

Now the spotlight is on you. 

If you're looking for a strategic move to outperform your competitors and increase revenue, this is your best bet.

Need to know more about it?

Reach out to us at and our AS400 experts will help you find answers to all your questions.

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